Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catching Up

Wow.  It feels like I haven't blogged in forever!  Blogging has been pretty low on the priority list here lately but this weekend I'm finally trying to get caught up on the "little things" that have been pushed to the back burner lately.

These darn stomach bugs seem to love invading our house.  Annie caught something last week and we went through a couple of days of vomiting and fussiness until I thought she was getting better.  The very next day (last Sunday) I caught it.  I was up all night getting sick and having stomach cramps.  It was a very bad night.  Thankfully, I was over it by mid-day Sunday.  We managed to all feel well enough to drive to Jackson for a very early Thanksgiving get together with my dad's side of the family.  It was so much fun and Anniston did great during the trip.

Then Monday came and Anniston started not feeling well again.  She got sick again and was extremely fussy that night.  We have been going through a cycle of her feeling great, then not so good, then great again. I finally took her in yesterday morning to see if the pediatrician had any clue as to what might be going on.  Not so much.  They put her back on her acid reflux meds for 2 weeks to see if that helps.  So really, they don't have a clue.  Oh well.  Yesterday and (so far) today she has been great.  I'm hoping the past week has just been the lingering effects of the the time change in addition to that stomach bug we can't seem to get rid of here!

In other randomness, Brandon and I have been doing some preliminary house hunting.  We are putting our house on the market sometime around February.  I cannot WAIT!  It gets me so excited to think of getting a bigger house where we have plenty of SPACE!

As far as Annie news goes, my little princess is learning so many new things!  She can point to Mommy and Daddy's nose and then gets so excited  (mostly because we get excited) that she smiles and claps for herself.  Somewhere she has learned to say the phrase, "Oh Yeah."  She walked all around the house the other morning saying "Oh Yeah" repeatedly.  It was so cute.  She also has been having so much fun trying to feed me her snacks.  I don't know why, but it gives her so much pleasure when she puts one of her Cheerios in my mouth and I eat it. She giggles like it is the funniest thing.  One time I tried to politely decline and she huffed and pouted.  Such a little stinker!

Now on to some pics from the last couple of weeks:

We went to Jackson a couple of weeks ago for a day trip to visit my family and had the best time.  I forgot to bring my camera so the only pics I got are from Instagram:

It was 2 days before Halloween so that is why she is wearing her Halloween dress.

This past Wednesday was my day off work and we needed to get out of the house so we went shoe shopping!  Annie enjoyed eating her snacks while I tried on shoes:)

That's about all the randomness I have for today.  We've got to get ready for a busy week.  Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping are all on the agenda today!
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