Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

W had a fantastic NYE.  We ordered some pizza, had Allie and Brandon over, and shot some fireworks!  A perfect night!

While the boys watched football, Annie, Allie, and I played.  Annie kept wanting to take pictures with the cameras.  She took pictures of me and of Allie, and then said, "My turn!"  And on it went. 

 She was so proud of herself when she finally figured out how to turn it on!

The best part of the night was when Annie climbed up in a chair, wrapped her little arms around both of us and said, "I have both!"  It melted my heart.  At that moment, I felt so happy to be spending my New Year's Eve with her. 

Then Anniston wanted to make cards.  By making cards I mean grabbing my stash of greeting cards and sticking little file tabs on them.  She would stick one or two in the card and then say, "Mommy, I made for you."  Of course, then she wanted me to make one for her as well. This sweet girl has the biggest heart already.  She loves making me things and giving them to me.  And when I gush about how much I love it, she just stands there and grins. 

A perfect night, if you ask me! 
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