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 Greetings from Memphis!  My name is Kelly and I have the most wonderful husband, Brandon, and the sweetest little angel, Anniston Ruth.  Brandon and I met on my 24th birthday (2004), got married in 2007, and gave birth to the love of our lives (Anniston Ruth) in 2011.  We couldn't be any happier!  The fourth member of the Medling clan is our boxer, Ruby.  She is so sweet and spoiled rotten!  I am a pharmacist at Kroger Pharmacy and Brandon is a Key Accounts Manager for a dental supply company.  Here are a few random things that I love:  shopping, scrapbooking, the TV show FRIENDS, mexican food, diet coke, JCrew, working out, running, bubble baths, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, massages, pedicures. 

Welcome to our blog!  Here are a few pics of my wonderful family:

                                 Us at our Engagement Party in 2007
           Christmas 2006

                           Trip to Jamaica 2007

              Us at Fenway Park in Boston, 2008

         At Yankee Stadium in NYC, 2009


                        November 2011

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