Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Will Miss...

The other day I got to thinking about how many things I will miss as Anniston gets older.  With her 1 year birthday about a month and a half away, I am already becoming sappy and sentimental.  There will be so many new things I will get to enjoy about her but I want to remember some of the sweet things she does now.

I will miss..

* The way she runs her fingers through my hair as we are rocking to sleep.
* How her face lights up and she smiles when I walk into the room.
* How my heart just melts when she snuggles closer to me and lays her head on my shoulders when she gets sleepy.
* The way she always smiles at me when I turn her around after our morning jog.
* How she climbs up in my lap for me to hold her when she's tired or not feeling well.
* Her little "dances" when music comes on.
* The cuteness of her little wave.
* The sweetest sounds of her babbling and talking.
* The way she jumps up and down in her crib because she's so excited when I come get her after a nap.
* How she shares her toys with me if I ask her to.
* The way she waves at and hugs her little dolls and stuffed animals.
* Her all around sweet personality.

I hope I never forget these precious times.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Date Night and an Elvis Concert

This past Thursday I had the day off because Brandon and I had tickets to the 35th Anniversary Elvis Concert at the Fed Ex Forum.  We've had these tickets since last year and we have been so excited to have a date night and attend a concert.

During the day, Anniston and I pretty much spent the entire day playing.  It seemed that she transformed into my little toddler overnight!  She was everywhere and into everything!  She wanted to stand, walk, dump toys out, and stand and walk again.  I spent the day chasing after her, grabbing things that she shouldn't have from her hands and mouth, and cleaning up the disaster of a mess she left behind her.  It was exhausting!  I'm not complaining one bit though- we had so much fun and I enjoyed seeing her get around so much on her own and exploring new things.

My mom drove into town that afternoon because she was going to watch her while Brandon and I went to the concert.  She was so surprised at all the new things Anniston was doing.  My little girl is growing up right before my eyes!  Brandon and I left early so we could have dinner downtown and enjoy ourselves before the concert. It's been awhile since I've been downtown and I was really shocked at all the new stores and restaurants that have popped up.  We strolled down Main Street, which used to almost be deserted, except for the trolleys coming up and down it.  Now there was a yoga class being held on the sidewalk, young professionals relaxing on the patios of restaurants, and even a live band playing!  We decided to eat on the patio of a local Memphis restaurant called the Local Gastropub.  We people watched, listened to the band, and just had fun with each other.  Have I mentioned date nights are SO much fun, especially when you don't get to do them very often.  Of course I checked in with Mom several times to make sure my baby girl was doing okay without us there:)

After dinner we went to the Flying Saucer for a bit before we headed off to the concert.  The place was PACKED.  Elvis impersonators were everywhere.  People had on their Elvis T-shirts and were carrying their Elvis purses- it was crazy!  This is a big deal in Memphis, people!  We really enjoyed the concert.  They had footage from various Elvis performances with live bands and muscians playing along.  Lisa Marie and Priscilla also made an appearance, of course. It was fun, but at about 10 pm I started to see Brandon's eyes drift shut and I knew it was getting past our bedtime.  The concert was still going but we were pooped and I did have to work the next day.  We are old people now with a baby at home so we just can't "hang" like we used to.  It was still a fun night out though!

I snapped these pics of Anniston playing in her room before we left that evening:


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy 10 Months Anniston!

Dear Anniston,

You are 10 months old!  This means it's only 2 more months until you are 1 year old!  I cannot believe that just 10 months ago I was holding you in my arms for the very first time.  I look back on some of your newborn pictures and in some ways it doesn't even seem like you are the same person; you have grown and changed so much.  It makes me sad sometimes to think those days when you were itty bitty are over but then I think about what all I have to look forward to as you grow into a little person.  I have so much to report during this month's post; you are learning new things every single day it seems!

This past month you have really started to stand alone very well.  You can stand by yourself, without holding on to anything, for many, many seconds now.  Your balance has become much better and you can now "sit" down when you want instead of just plopping down because you lost your balance.  I am hopeful that walking is just around the corner! You can walk around furniture fairly well if you are holding on to something. One night, a couple of weeks ago, Aunt Allie was over here and we all got to witness you attempt to take your first unassisted steps! You fell right down on your bottom after that but it you at least are starting to take initiative by yourself.  We were all so excited that we started yelling, which, of course, made you very excited.  I picked you up from Ms. Kristi's last week and she told me you took 2 steps all by yourself that day!  It won't be long now before you are walking all over the place!

You are talking more and more each day.  You have new babbling sounds that appeared this past month.  One of my favorites is "yayayaya."  You can get pretty loud with the babbling sometimes, especially if you are excited or in a good mood.  It always seems you want to talk really, really loud when we are out at restaurants.  Daddy and I think it is the cutest sound in the world, but I'm sure not everyone there thinks that!  You said "Da da" one morning and Daddy jumped up off the couch because he was so excited.  You have said it a couple more times since then.  Daddy and I think that you have tried to say "Ruby" also.  We point to Ruby and say her name and you then try to mimic us.  Granted, it really doesn't sound exactly like "Ruby," but we are both convinced that you are trying!  No "ma ma" yet...

You can now wave your little hands.  This started pretty early on in the month and mostly you would wave at random times and not much in response to someone waving at you.  Now you wave in response to someone and you have even waved "bye bye" to me when I drop you off at Ms. Kristi's.  I must say it is the cutest little wave.  You have really got some wrist action going on!

We are trying to feed you more and more table food now.  When we go out to eat I try to feed you "big people food."  Sometimes the texture shocks you a little at first but you have liked most everything I have given you.  You can definitely make a huge mess but it is so worth it to see you having so much fun feeding yourself!  You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with water from your sippy cup.  You have a 4 oz bottle in the early morning and then again around 9:30 am.  You take a 6 oz bottle around 2:30 pm and again before bed.

We went through a really rough 2 weeks or so when you wanted to get up at 4 am every. single. morning.  Thankfully, that phase has pasted (at least for now.)  There have been many nights here lately that you have slept from 7:30 pm until 4 am and then will go back to sleep until 5-6 am.  Thank the heavens!  

You got your first ear infection since your tubes were put in this month.  You ran a little fever and looked so pitiful!  This changed our sleeping habits a bit, but you still do so well even when you are sick!

You wear a size 3 diaper and a size 4 nighttime diaper.  At your last weigh-in you were almost 21 lbs and about 27 1/2 inches tall!  You are healthy and happy and I am so thankful!

We have so much fun hanging out and playing these days that it makes me miss you so much when I'm away from you.  I love every single thing about you- from the way you purse your lips together and furrow you eyebrows when you get mad to the way you giggle and bury your head in my chest.  I am so lucky to have you, baby girl.

I love you,

Monday, August 13, 2012

This Weekend We:

**Took Anniston to the babysitter's on Friday so Brandon and I could have a "day date."  We were both off work and it was nice!

**Visited the new Bargain Hunt that opened Friday- we got Anniston some birthday and Christmas presents!

**Cleaned out my closet.  I finally let go of things that just  were too small don't fit me well anymore after having a baby.  I'm talking 3 garbage bags full of stuff that is now going to Goodwill!  My closet is skimpier than it has ever been.  I'm trying real hard to only buy "nice" stuff now- and less of it!  I wear scrubs and workout clothes 90% of the time so I really don't need that much anymore.  This is how I justify buying the overpriced nice quality workout clothes from Lululemon.

**Had dinner/lunch out several times.  Funny how Anniston seems to always want to talk REALLY loudly when we are out at restaurants.

**Battled some sickness.  Anniston has been sick for over a week now- I think allergies are what started it but then she got her first ear infection since we had the tubes put in!  Now, of course, I am feeling like crap.  Runny nose, coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, fever- yeah, it's not pretty.  Thankfully, my little girl knew Mommy didn't feel good and decided to sleep ALL NIGHT Saturday night.  7:30 pm until 5:30 am = Happy dance!!!

**Practiced walking with Anniston.  We got out some of her push toys and let her push them around the house.  She is getting close, people!!!  Try to contain your excitement:)

**Worked on Anniston's birthday party.  I'm getting down to the last final details and then I will be pretty much done!  In case you haven't noticed, I am most definitely NOT a procrastinator.  Her birthday isn't until October 10th, and I will have most everything finalized by first/middle of September.  When you work full time and have a baby there is no room for procrastination!

That's about it- I absolutely LOVE my 3 day weekends!

P.S. We took this picture Sunday night after bath time- look at her crazy hair!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Running Update!

I have really been trying to stay consistent with my running and exercising lately. I'm trying not to worry too much about distance and speed, but instead trying to find satisfaction with simply getting out there and doing something.

So far, that mentality is working out really great! I don't get discouraged if I don't run as far as I would like and I don't get upset if a run just doesn't happen on a day I had planned for it to. I mean, I do have a 9 month old and a full time job....

Which brings me to my next point- I'm totally giving myself a pat on the back for getting out there (on average) 3-4 times a week and running anywhere from 2-3 miles each time.  To some, I know 2-3 miles is nothing but I feel like this is big accomplishment- its really, really tough to find a balance with everything when you have kids and you work full time. For me to be this consistent with running for the past couple of months or so makes very proud of myself!!!! Yay me!!

So onto the actual running...
I average around 3 off days per week so I always try to go when I have the day off. If it happens to be during the week, when Brandon is working, then I usually take A with me on my jogs. We go super early in the morning (6:30 am or so) and run around Chickasaw Gardens (a really pretty neighborhood near our house.). I absolutely LOVE running this early in the morning. The sun is still coming up, the neighborhoods are quite still, and everything feels so peaceful. A usually falls asleep because she is so relaxed.  Sometimes she stays awake and just enjoys the ride and the beautiful scenery.  When I finish and turn her around to look at me, all hot, sweaty and breathing hard, she gives me the biggest grin as if to say, "Great job, Mom!"  It is such a great start to my day.

I try to go for a run at least once on a day that I have to work.  This usually means it's on my "late" day when I don't have to go in until 10 am.  If I can make one run during a work day and the others on my off days, then that gets me 3/4 runs in per week!  Awesomeness...

My runs with A are usually short and sweet.  Running 2 miles with her feels like 4 or 5.  My goal is to make it (eventually- no time frames here!) up to 3 miles with her.  I would love to be able to to do some 5k races this fall with her.  Granted, I could do that now, and just walk a bit here and there, but I would love to be able to run the entire thing.  

I really, really enjoy my solo runs on the weekends when Brandon can watch her.  It feels SO much easier and I've been running 3 miles at some of my fastest paces!  I think marathon runners should train pushing a 21 lb baby....their solo runs would seem like such a piece of cake!

Anyways- I'm trying really hard to keep up my exercise. I'm not trying for long distances- I'm simply wanting to stay in shape.  It is so hard to let your workouts go when you work full time and have a child but I feel SO much better when I get out there and do even the shortest run.  Let's just hope I can keep up the energy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday- Shopping Sprees!

My sister, Allie, recently came out of hiding.  She has been VERY busy the past month and a half, and so Anniston and I have not seen her very much.  Now that her work has slowed down a bit and she's back from vacation, we are getting to see her a bit more.  This also means that my wallet is taking a major hit- I told her today that I was doing so good at saving money while she went MIA.  Now I'm poor again!  We sisters are very good at persuading the other to spend money.  I'm kidding (sort of!)  Whether it's due to us getting to hang out more now, or just the fact that I've gone a little crazy on the spending, I have been shopping (and buying) left and right!  I've gotten some good deals though, so I'm not totally broke (yet!)  

So here is my shopping spree edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday:

1. Nike Free Running Shoes- I've been needing a new pair of running shoes for awhile now.  Nike Free's are my fav and I absolutely love this color combo!  I can't wait to run in them and look super cool:)
2. J. Crew Tippi Sweater in polka dot- Polka dot + J Crew= LOVE!

3.  J Crew Optic Dot Tee- I promise myself I WILL buy clothes in colors besides black and white this fall and winter!  Maybe....

4. Monsoon romper- I absolute love the clothes from here.  I bought this for Anniston yesterday from our local store when Allie, Anniston, and I went on a little shopping trip (surprise, surprise.)  I love this to transition into fall

5. Monsoon short set- I think Anniston is going to wear this with tights underneath for our fall family photo session.  Adorable!

6.  Crayola Crayon Carry Set- I bought this from Zulily yesterday for one of A's birthday presents.  I can see this coming in handy at restaurants or long doctor's visits!

 7. Kidcraft Vintage Personalized Kitchen- another Zulily purchase today.  I saved almost $100 on this!  This is going to be a "Santa" gift for A.

8.  Lululemon Unity Pullover- Thanks to Allie I am now obsessed with Lululemon (see what I mean about her forcing persuading me to spend money?)  I haven't bought this yet but I'm thinking about it...
How awesome will this be to throw on after a run to go out running errands and still look cute?

9.  Chevron Lululemon tee- yes, my basic, everyday, fall wardrobe is going to be Lululemon. 

9.  Tabletop Vanity Set- another zulily purchase from today!  This will be for A's birthday. Now she can "get ready" with Mommy in the mornings!

10.  Squatchi Shoe Sizer- this thing is genius.  I bought this from Zulily a couple of days ago.  Now I can accurately measure Anniston's feet as she grows!  Great. Idea.

Friday, August 3, 2012

First Steps and some Lululemon!

Yesterday and today were my two days off this week and so Annie and I have spent some great mommy-daughter time together.  We got up yesterday morning (at 5:30, I might add- hallelujah!) and ran our usual 2 miles together.

We met my step-MIL for lunch at a great little cafe in the Cooper-Young area of Midtown. It's called Palladio and it's a great little antique shop with the cafe nestled in the back.  I had a delicious pimento cheese sandwich with potato salad and ordered Anniston a grilled cheese with a side of fruit.  As I said before, we are slowing introducing more table food to her and she did pretty well with it yesterday!  She liked the grilled cheese a little more than the cut up fruit but she ate both of them fairly well.

We were both sleepy after our lunch so we came home and napped together.  I love those days when we can snuggle and lie down together:)  Aunt Allie came over later that afternoon and we all had the best time playing together.

Something pretty big (at least in our world) happened last night while Allie was hanging out with us- Anniston walked by herself for the first time!!!!!

She has been able to walk around things, such as the coffee table, while holding on for several weeks now.  This past week she has really been standing by herself (without holding on to anything) for much longer periods of time.  Last night she was standing on her own and actually took a step and a half towards me!  She fell, of course, after that but we were so excited!  I immediately got out the video camera to try to capture it.  I figured she wouldn't do it again after that first time but that's all she wanted to do for the rest of the night!  I'm so glad Brandon and Allie were here to witness it.

This morning we met Allie bright and early for a quick and casual photo shoot.  I absolutely LOVE how these pics turned out! Thank you Allie! I think these captured her little personality more than any photos we have ever taken. There is even one where she is making the meanest face.  She wasn't very happy about sitting in the grass (apparently she doesn't like the grass) and she decided she was NOT going to smile for us until she wasn't sitting in the grass anymore!  Allie calls it her diva face and I have to agree!

We also took a trip to our local Lululemon store today.  I am now poor because of that trip.  I'm probably going to end up living in my lululemon clothes this fall and winter.  Yep- the clothes are that awesome!  Comfy, cute, practical- that store is addicting, I tell you!  I bought running tights, a pair of stretchy capris, a short sleeved running top (that totally looks like a cute shirt that I would wear out and no one would know it's a workout top), and a long sleeved running shirt.  I cannot wait to wear them all!

It's Friday night now, and Brandon and I are going to settle in and watch some Olympics!  Go USA!!
I'm going to be really sad when the Olympics are over....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Need A Napkin, Mommy!

I've been trying to incorporate more table food into Anniston's meals.  Tonight I fed her some pasta shells with cheese and just let her have at it.  This is probably one of the messiest meals we've had but she had so much fun eating it.  Half of it ended up on her lap and she giggled the entire time.  She even tried to eat the plate at the end.  When I would take the plate away from her and tell her "No" she would grin mischievously and pick it right back up.  Oh Lord...

 Even though this pic may not look as if she liked it, she did! She always makes this face when it's something new.

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