Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Need A Napkin, Mommy!

I've been trying to incorporate more table food into Anniston's meals.  Tonight I fed her some pasta shells with cheese and just let her have at it.  This is probably one of the messiest meals we've had but she had so much fun eating it.  Half of it ended up on her lap and she giggled the entire time.  She even tried to eat the plate at the end.  When I would take the plate away from her and tell her "No" she would grin mischievously and pick it right back up.  Oh Lord...

 Even though this pic may not look as if she liked it, she did! She always makes this face when it's something new.


  1. We didn't use plates for a long time with either boy. Food on the tray seemed to work much better. Always fun to see them try new things though!

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