Monday, August 13, 2012

This Weekend We:

**Took Anniston to the babysitter's on Friday so Brandon and I could have a "day date."  We were both off work and it was nice!

**Visited the new Bargain Hunt that opened Friday- we got Anniston some birthday and Christmas presents!

**Cleaned out my closet.  I finally let go of things that just  were too small don't fit me well anymore after having a baby.  I'm talking 3 garbage bags full of stuff that is now going to Goodwill!  My closet is skimpier than it has ever been.  I'm trying real hard to only buy "nice" stuff now- and less of it!  I wear scrubs and workout clothes 90% of the time so I really don't need that much anymore.  This is how I justify buying the overpriced nice quality workout clothes from Lululemon.

**Had dinner/lunch out several times.  Funny how Anniston seems to always want to talk REALLY loudly when we are out at restaurants.

**Battled some sickness.  Anniston has been sick for over a week now- I think allergies are what started it but then she got her first ear infection since we had the tubes put in!  Now, of course, I am feeling like crap.  Runny nose, coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, fever- yeah, it's not pretty.  Thankfully, my little girl knew Mommy didn't feel good and decided to sleep ALL NIGHT Saturday night.  7:30 pm until 5:30 am = Happy dance!!!

**Practiced walking with Anniston.  We got out some of her push toys and let her push them around the house.  She is getting close, people!!!  Try to contain your excitement:)

**Worked on Anniston's birthday party.  I'm getting down to the last final details and then I will be pretty much done!  In case you haven't noticed, I am most definitely NOT a procrastinator.  Her birthday isn't until October 10th, and I will have most everything finalized by first/middle of September.  When you work full time and have a baby there is no room for procrastination!

That's about it- I absolutely LOVE my 3 day weekends!

P.S. We took this picture Sunday night after bath time- look at her crazy hair!

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  1. I have found my wardrobe has changed a lot after having a baby. My closet is pretty empty right now, I'm waiting until I get back to a normal size again. I've also been getting more accessories to change things up. It always feels nice though to get old stuff cleaned out!


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