Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Will Miss...

The other day I got to thinking about how many things I will miss as Anniston gets older.  With her 1 year birthday about a month and a half away, I am already becoming sappy and sentimental.  There will be so many new things I will get to enjoy about her but I want to remember some of the sweet things she does now.

I will miss..

* The way she runs her fingers through my hair as we are rocking to sleep.
* How her face lights up and she smiles when I walk into the room.
* How my heart just melts when she snuggles closer to me and lays her head on my shoulders when she gets sleepy.
* The way she always smiles at me when I turn her around after our morning jog.
* How she climbs up in my lap for me to hold her when she's tired or not feeling well.
* Her little "dances" when music comes on.
* The cuteness of her little wave.
* The sweetest sounds of her babbling and talking.
* The way she jumps up and down in her crib because she's so excited when I come get her after a nap.
* How she shares her toys with me if I ask her to.
* The way she waves at and hugs her little dolls and stuffed animals.
* Her all around sweet personality.

I hope I never forget these precious times.

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  1. This post totally made my (hormonal/prego) self tear up!! This is beautiful. You should print it and frame it, or at least put it in a scrapbook. New follower!!


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