Friday, August 10, 2012

Running Update!

I have really been trying to stay consistent with my running and exercising lately. I'm trying not to worry too much about distance and speed, but instead trying to find satisfaction with simply getting out there and doing something.

So far, that mentality is working out really great! I don't get discouraged if I don't run as far as I would like and I don't get upset if a run just doesn't happen on a day I had planned for it to. I mean, I do have a 9 month old and a full time job....

Which brings me to my next point- I'm totally giving myself a pat on the back for getting out there (on average) 3-4 times a week and running anywhere from 2-3 miles each time.  To some, I know 2-3 miles is nothing but I feel like this is big accomplishment- its really, really tough to find a balance with everything when you have kids and you work full time. For me to be this consistent with running for the past couple of months or so makes very proud of myself!!!! Yay me!!

So onto the actual running...
I average around 3 off days per week so I always try to go when I have the day off. If it happens to be during the week, when Brandon is working, then I usually take A with me on my jogs. We go super early in the morning (6:30 am or so) and run around Chickasaw Gardens (a really pretty neighborhood near our house.). I absolutely LOVE running this early in the morning. The sun is still coming up, the neighborhoods are quite still, and everything feels so peaceful. A usually falls asleep because she is so relaxed.  Sometimes she stays awake and just enjoys the ride and the beautiful scenery.  When I finish and turn her around to look at me, all hot, sweaty and breathing hard, she gives me the biggest grin as if to say, "Great job, Mom!"  It is such a great start to my day.

I try to go for a run at least once on a day that I have to work.  This usually means it's on my "late" day when I don't have to go in until 10 am.  If I can make one run during a work day and the others on my off days, then that gets me 3/4 runs in per week!  Awesomeness...

My runs with A are usually short and sweet.  Running 2 miles with her feels like 4 or 5.  My goal is to make it (eventually- no time frames here!) up to 3 miles with her.  I would love to be able to to do some 5k races this fall with her.  Granted, I could do that now, and just walk a bit here and there, but I would love to be able to run the entire thing.  

I really, really enjoy my solo runs on the weekends when Brandon can watch her.  It feels SO much easier and I've been running 3 miles at some of my fastest paces!  I think marathon runners should train pushing a 21 lb baby....their solo runs would seem like such a piece of cake!

Anyways- I'm trying really hard to keep up my exercise. I'm not trying for long distances- I'm simply wanting to stay in shape.  It is so hard to let your workouts go when you work full time and have a child but I feel SO much better when I get out there and do even the shortest run.  Let's just hope I can keep up the energy!

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  1. Good Job Kelly! I know running makes you feel great and energized to raise that cutie!!


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