Friday, August 3, 2012

First Steps and some Lululemon!

Yesterday and today were my two days off this week and so Annie and I have spent some great mommy-daughter time together.  We got up yesterday morning (at 5:30, I might add- hallelujah!) and ran our usual 2 miles together.

We met my step-MIL for lunch at a great little cafe in the Cooper-Young area of Midtown. It's called Palladio and it's a great little antique shop with the cafe nestled in the back.  I had a delicious pimento cheese sandwich with potato salad and ordered Anniston a grilled cheese with a side of fruit.  As I said before, we are slowing introducing more table food to her and she did pretty well with it yesterday!  She liked the grilled cheese a little more than the cut up fruit but she ate both of them fairly well.

We were both sleepy after our lunch so we came home and napped together.  I love those days when we can snuggle and lie down together:)  Aunt Allie came over later that afternoon and we all had the best time playing together.

Something pretty big (at least in our world) happened last night while Allie was hanging out with us- Anniston walked by herself for the first time!!!!!

She has been able to walk around things, such as the coffee table, while holding on for several weeks now.  This past week she has really been standing by herself (without holding on to anything) for much longer periods of time.  Last night she was standing on her own and actually took a step and a half towards me!  She fell, of course, after that but we were so excited!  I immediately got out the video camera to try to capture it.  I figured she wouldn't do it again after that first time but that's all she wanted to do for the rest of the night!  I'm so glad Brandon and Allie were here to witness it.

This morning we met Allie bright and early for a quick and casual photo shoot.  I absolutely LOVE how these pics turned out! Thank you Allie! I think these captured her little personality more than any photos we have ever taken. There is even one where she is making the meanest face.  She wasn't very happy about sitting in the grass (apparently she doesn't like the grass) and she decided she was NOT going to smile for us until she wasn't sitting in the grass anymore!  Allie calls it her diva face and I have to agree!

We also took a trip to our local Lululemon store today.  I am now poor because of that trip.  I'm probably going to end up living in my lululemon clothes this fall and winter.  Yep- the clothes are that awesome!  Comfy, cute, practical- that store is addicting, I tell you!  I bought running tights, a pair of stretchy capris, a short sleeved running top (that totally looks like a cute shirt that I would wear out and no one would know it's a workout top), and a long sleeved running shirt.  I cannot wait to wear them all!

It's Friday night now, and Brandon and I are going to settle in and watch some Olympics!  Go USA!!
I'm going to be really sad when the Olympics are over....

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  1. she is too cute for words. She will be full fledged walking in no time!


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