Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday- Shopping Sprees!

My sister, Allie, recently came out of hiding.  She has been VERY busy the past month and a half, and so Anniston and I have not seen her very much.  Now that her work has slowed down a bit and she's back from vacation, we are getting to see her a bit more.  This also means that my wallet is taking a major hit- I told her today that I was doing so good at saving money while she went MIA.  Now I'm poor again!  We sisters are very good at persuading the other to spend money.  I'm kidding (sort of!)  Whether it's due to us getting to hang out more now, or just the fact that I've gone a little crazy on the spending, I have been shopping (and buying) left and right!  I've gotten some good deals though, so I'm not totally broke (yet!)  

So here is my shopping spree edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday:

1. Nike Free Running Shoes- I've been needing a new pair of running shoes for awhile now.  Nike Free's are my fav and I absolutely love this color combo!  I can't wait to run in them and look super cool:)
2. J. Crew Tippi Sweater in polka dot- Polka dot + J Crew= LOVE!

3.  J Crew Optic Dot Tee- I promise myself I WILL buy clothes in colors besides black and white this fall and winter!  Maybe....

4. Monsoon romper- I absolute love the clothes from here.  I bought this for Anniston yesterday from our local store when Allie, Anniston, and I went on a little shopping trip (surprise, surprise.)  I love this to transition into fall

5. Monsoon short set- I think Anniston is going to wear this with tights underneath for our fall family photo session.  Adorable!

6.  Crayola Crayon Carry Set- I bought this from Zulily yesterday for one of A's birthday presents.  I can see this coming in handy at restaurants or long doctor's visits!

 7. Kidcraft Vintage Personalized Kitchen- another Zulily purchase today.  I saved almost $100 on this!  This is going to be a "Santa" gift for A.

8.  Lululemon Unity Pullover- Thanks to Allie I am now obsessed with Lululemon (see what I mean about her forcing persuading me to spend money?)  I haven't bought this yet but I'm thinking about it...
How awesome will this be to throw on after a run to go out running errands and still look cute?

9.  Chevron Lululemon tee- yes, my basic, everyday, fall wardrobe is going to be Lululemon. 

9.  Tabletop Vanity Set- another zulily purchase from today!  This will be for A's birthday. Now she can "get ready" with Mommy in the mornings!

10.  Squatchi Shoe Sizer- this thing is genius.  I bought this from Zulily a couple of days ago.  Now I can accurately measure Anniston's feet as she grows!  Great. Idea.


  1. OMG, how did I miss out on that KidKraft Kitchen?? I try to check Zulily every day but I guess I missed it. Was this today or yesterday?

    1. Yesterday but I think it's still o there!!

  2. Love that Lululemon item! I love Lululemon, I just wish it wasn't so expensive ;) Found you on the WILW link up and I'm a new follower :)


  3. Loving your loves! Especially the j crew sweater!

    Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!


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