Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have so many things I'm loving this week.  I've been super the past week busy online shopping and browsing on Pinterest (you know- important stuff) and have so many things I want (or just bought:).  Here are a couple:

1.  Fabulous necklace from Etsy.  I did order this last week and I already have in mind several outfits this will look great with.  I'm digging the nautical look.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

2.  My girls:

3.  Ole Henriksen skincare starter set.  My sister bought this a couple of weeks ago and said she can already tell a difference in her skin.  I really wanted to go to Sephora and have them do a skincare consultation on me but I just cannot find the time.  Hopefully this will work as well for me as it did for her.  So far I really like it.

 Seven Skincare Sensations ($115 Value)

4.  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I cannot express the amount of love I have for this product.  I literally slap this on in the mornings with a little pressed powder on top and the coverage is awesome for what little work you have to do.  I think it brightens my skin a bit too...

  Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Oil Free
5.  Oooh- Easter is just around the corner.  Anniston needs an Easter basket to showcase what all the Easter Bunny is going to bring her (and for pictures, too.) This one is from Etsy.   I really want a neutral basket with colored lining though.  I've got a cute outfit in mind to match that look.  Guess I'll have to keep looking.

  Easter Basket made of wood and fabric liner with free personalization

6.  So, I've already started pinning a few ideas for Anniston's 1st birthday.  Don't judge- I know it's not until October but hey, us working moms gotta get a head start!  I really wanted to have a birthday picture taken in an old, vintage highchair.  Just my luck, my Granny had an old one in her house just like in this picture!  Awesome.  In some pics I have seen, the highchair is painted a bright color.  I really like that look but now I'm rethinking painting it. I came across this pic and I absolutely love this look.  I think it looks so nature-y (sure, that's a word.)  Anyways, I can't wait to have some of her birthday pics taken in our vintage highchair!

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Stuff

We had such a great, relaxing weekend.  I had to close the pharmacy Friday night, so our weekend didn't technically start until Saturday morning.  We got up early Saturday so we could take Anniston in to the doctor.  She's had a runny nose and a little cough for the past few days and given her history of ear infections, I was scared it was going to cause her to get one.  I was hoping to catch it on the front end this time before it got really bad.  Her ears weren't terrible, but they weren't clear either.  Our doctor went ahead and started her on antibiotics and then we talked about getting an appointment to see an ENT specialist to discuss our next step. 

Since I caught this before it got bad, she really hasn't been fussy at all.  In fact, she was in a great mood the rest of the day and we had so much fun hanging out around the house.  We took a trip to the grocery, did a few things around the house, and then just relaxed the rest of the day.  I've been in an "online shopping" mood here lately so I browsed every website imaginable and pinned a crap load of things I probably don't need.  Oh well...

Anniston has recently discovered her feet!  For people that don't have kids- yes, this is a big deal.  She randomly found them a couple of days ago and has been reaching for them ever since.  It's too funny.  I captured a couple of pics of that and some other randomness:

Having fun playing in her exersaucer:

Her first taste of green beans for dinner:

This morning she woke us up super early (as in 5 am).  She never cries when she wakes up but instead "talks" about whatever is on her mind I guess.  I grudgingly got out of bed and went to her room to get her.  It was so hard to be mad that she got me out of bed so early when I saw her smiling face. She grinned at me and continued to talk as if to say "I'm not sleepy anymore- I'm ready to play!" Who needs sleep past 5 am when you've got a beautiful, happy little girl wanting to play with you?  Not me...

We lounged around the house this morning and took a crazy amount of pictures.  Brandon rolls his eyes every time I get out the camera because he thinks I'm insane. least she will have plenty of pictures from her childhood!  I just couldn't help myself though.  I bought her a pair of jeggings a couple of days ago and put them on her for the first time this morning.  She was so stinking cute that I had to capture some of her adorable little bum:

We then took a trip to Target and then stopped by our favorite taco shop, Swanky's, for lunch.  I headed out for a brutal run later that afternoon while Brandon and Anniston played at home. **Warning: Mommy moment ahead that may seem insignificant to others but in our world is a rather big deal:)  This afternoon we were playing on the floor and A sat up by herself with really good control for several seconds!  She hasn't been able to sit up on her own for more than a second or two without falling to one side.  She hasn't been able to sit up very straight either.  Today she could sit up so much better and wasn't wobbly at all!    I was quite shocked!  Kind of crazy how much progress they can make in just a few days.  Ok, mommy moment over!

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and just enjoyed spending time as a family. I cooked (shocker) a casserole for us to eat off of this week and prepared all my food for work this week.  I love starting Monday being organized!  I can't wait for tonight- I'm excited to watch the Oscars!  

Sorry for the picture overload but here are a few more:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

We didn't really celebrate Fat Tuesday, but we did have one heck of a day today.  Brandon and I were both off today (which never happens on a weekday) and we had set aside the entire day to spend together with Anniston.

We were pretty lazy this morning just lounging around in our pjs and playing with Anniston. Once A went down for her morning nap we both got ready for the day.  B did have a business meeting to attend for about an hour or so and while he was busy A and I headed out to the mall.

We walked around Macy's so I could use up some coupons I had.  I found a cute top for me and a couple of outfits for A (including a St. Patrick's Day outfit.)  Anniston was so good during our stroll through Macy's.  We were having a bad sock day though so I had to keep retracing our steps to find her socks that she kept kicking off!  Luckily, I found them every time. When B finished up his meeting he came to meet us for lunch at the food court.  A was sleeping away by that time (with both socks on!) so we got to enjoy a meal together.

We headed home soon after to rest and A and I ended up napping together in the rocker.  Oh how I love times like these!  She has really started grabbing onto things now (she loves to pull at my hair) and while we were napping she held onto my necklace a couple of times.  How sweet.

After a long afternoon nap (which she needed) we all went for an afternoon stroll around our block.  It was so pretty here in Memphis today and I was itching to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We even took Ruby with us.  When we went to grab her leash she immediately started shaking her behind in excitement.  She was so happy she was included.  I'm so ready for more warm days here!

Tonight we went out for dinner. We've gone out to restaurants with A before but always with a group of family. This is the first time that just Brandon and I have taken Anniston out to dinner with us.  We went to Bosco's in Midtown- one of our favorite places.  She was so good and well behaved.

Today was a great day.  I love having days off during the week.  Places are less crowded and it is so much more enjoyable to get out and run errands when you don't have to fight the weekend traffic.  I'm so happy we had such a great day spending time together.  Now I have the weekend to look forward to- only 3 more work days to go!

Photo Challenge: Days 15-21

 Day 15:  Phone

I just got this new phone case from Plum Street Prints.  Awesome designs and affordable.  I love the way mine turned out!

Day 16:  Something new
I've signed Anniston up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  They send you a free book every month.  This came in the day before we went to the doctor- how fitting!  So we read this and talked about how brave Corduroy was when he went to get his shots:)  I'm pretty sure she didn't understand a word of it....

Day 17:  Time (I cheated on this one and pretended like to today was day 17)
At 7:30 am yesterday morning we were feeding A her "ba-nay-nays" (bananas) for breakfast.  This is what she looked like when she got a yummy spoonful:

And this is what she looked like in between bites:
She is very impatient with her bananas and I couldn't feed her fast enough!

Day 18: Drink
If you know me at all you know that I LOVE my Diet Coke.  I'm trying to cut back and drink more water but it would be near impossible for me to cut it completely out.  This quote is so me:

Day 19:  Something you hate to do
I absolutely HATE to go to the grocery store.  Maybe it's because I work in one, but I hated it even before then.  People just mosey down aisles, blocking it with their carts, and take their sweet little time. Half of them are in la-la land and are totally oblivious to everyone else around them. I hate it.  If we had a service around here that would deliver groceries I would be all over it.  I buy what I can from Target mostly and then make a quick sweep through the grocery after I get off work to pick up whatever else I need.  We generally don't need that much- it's not like I cook a lot or anything!  Ha!

Day 20:  Handwriting
And so here is my grocery list of things to pick up after work tomorrow night.  My handwriting has definitely getting worse over the years, but in the 4th grade I did win the handwriting award in my class.

Day 21:  Favorite Photo of You
I absolutely love all the pics Lindsey Lissau took of us a couple of years ago.  We found some really cool spots in downtown Memphis to take the pictures and they turned out fabulous.  Here are three of my favs:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Is It Really Monday?

It doesn't really feel like Monday to me.  Normally, when it's my weekend to work, I get Monday off.  This week, I swapped shifts with one of the other pharmacists so now I have to work 12-8pm today and have tomorrow off instead.  Not so bad, considering I have all morning to spend with my baby girl and get a little "break" in the week tomorrow.

We had some exciting news come about towards the beginning of the weekend.  Brandon got a new job!  He has officially quit his job with his old company and will start his new job in about a week or so.  We are both really excited about this new opportunity.  The biggest perk (at least in my opinion):  less travel!  It's going to be so great to have him home more often.  He will still have to travel overnight some, but it will be considerably less than what he was doing at his old job.

We had a fun weekend even though I spent the majority of it at work.  I got off at 4pm on Friday, so I was really excited to be able to spend a little extra time with the family Friday night.  We had a great night at home.  Brandon and I played with Anniston and sang countless songs to her so she would laugh and smile.  When we would run out of songs to sing, we did resort to singing along with commercials that came on TV.  Oddly enough, those were the ones she liked the best.  I think she likes us singing together too.  It was fun.  And cheesy.

On Saturday, my parents came in town to spend the day with Anniston while I was at work and Brandon was catching up on some stuff around the house.  After work, Brandon and I went about our normal bedtime routine with A and then laid around catching up on DVR.  I even got a foot massage while we were watching TV!  Oh my..

On Sunday, Brandon's mom, nana, sister, and her two girls came to visit and see Anniston while I was at work.  I was sad that I missed out on all the fun but it was nice getting her all to myself when I got off work:)

I'm looking so forward to Tuesday this week.  It's my day off and Brandon will be off as well.  We're trying to think of something fun to do since it's not often we both have a weekday off together.  I think we may go eat at a local taco shop for an early dinner.  It will be the first time we've gone out to dinner just us and Anniston.

I think this is going to be a good week!  Here are some pics I snapped from this weekend.  Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anniston is 4 Months!

My beautiful Anniston Ruth,

Yay!  You are now 4 months old. It's amazing to reflect back on the past month and realize how much you have changed in such a short amount of time.  You are such a happy baby.  You will smile and laugh at practically nothing.  Sometimes I can just look at you and smile and in return your eyes will light up and you give me the biggest grin.  We play silly games, look at ourselves in the mirror, and sing songs like "I'm a Little Teapot" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Since I've returned to work, you have started going to Miss Kristi's during the day.  She takes such good care of you and sends me emails during the day on how you are doing.  You will smile and laugh at her so I know you like her too.  We are so lucky to have found such a great person to watch you while I'm at work.

We have FINALLY found a pacifier that you will take!  You were so picky that we had to go through about 7 different ones to find one that satisfied you.  You are still not attached to it (which will be good for later on) but it really helps satisfy you when you get fussy and squirmy.  Of course, the brand that you like seems to be really hard to find in stores, so we've had to specially order some back-ups off the internet.

You are still taking 4 oz of milk every couple of hours and have gotten really good at sleeping through the night.  What a relief!  And just in time for me to return to work!  You still take a little catnap in between almost every feeding.  I can tell the second you start getting sleepy because you will rub your eyes with your fists and yawn.  It's so cute.

You have started "talking" and making little noises so much more now.  Some days you apparently have a lot to say and will just sit in your bouncy seat making all sorts of little sounds.  A couple of nights ago, you woke me up with your "talking."  Daddy and I laid in bed for a minute just watching and listening to you on the video monitor.  It sounded like you were carrying on a conversation with yourself in there!  It was the funniest thing.  Another morning you talked to me all the way home from Miss Kristi's.  I would turn the radio down to try to hear you better and you would stop.  When I turned the radio back up, you started back up.  Maybe you were trying to sing along with the radio?  I don't know but it was quite entertaining!

You have rolled over a few more times by now.  You rolled over at Miss Kristi's one day and then got frustrated that your arm was stuck underneath you.  I was on my way to work one Saturday and Daddy texted me that you rolled over one way, then rolled back the other way.  I was so upset that I missed it and of course you wouldn't do it for me later that night.  You love to play in your jumparoo and sit in your highchair in the kitchen.  You also love to watch me get ready in the morning.  I do my make-up and dry my hair and you will just sit and stare at me.  I love it.

You are still in a size 2 diaper and in 3-6 month clothes.  You weigh about 16.4 lbs and are 25 inches long!  The doctor says you are doing great in weight and height.  You've had 4 ear infections by now.  We just finished up another round of antibiotics and went to the doctor today for your 4 month shots and -shocker- your ears were normal!  Maybe we will be good for awhile!

Baby girl, you are such a joy to be around and to play with these days.  Daddy and I have so much fun at night spending time with you and coming up with new ways to make you laugh and smile.  You bring happiness to my life every day.  I love you more than you could ever imagine.  Happy 4 months sweet Annie:)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's been going on...

This week has been super busy but fun at the same time.  B left to go on a business trip Sunday and just returned last night.  Needless to say, I have been busy working, taking care of Anniston, and running all the errands since he's been gone.  It's been a little challenging trying to get "stuff" done in between all that but I've tried not to worry about my never ending to-do list and just concentrate on spending my time with my baby until B got back in town.  A and I have had so much fun at night hanging out, watching our girly shows, and playing with Ruby.  She loves it when I sit her in the high chair and I sit beside her to eat my dinner.  For some reason, she loves to watch me eat and chew.  She giggles like it's the funniest thing when I chew obnoxiously and say "nom nom nom."  I know- we are silly girls.  We will work on table manners later.

Yesterday and today were my days off this week since it's my weekend to work.  I dropped her off at Miss Kristi's for a little while yesterday so I could run a few errands.  Afterwards, we went to Bebe and Papa's to hang out and eat some pizza.  Our cousin, Rebecca, brought over her little boy (Graham) to visit and play with Anniston.  These two are absolutely the cutest babies.  Graham is at such a fun age (almost 8 months) and he was cracking us up all night.  Here are some pictures I took of the night:

I think they liked each other...

 How cute is he?

B made it home last night instead of tonight so I was thrilled that he would be able to make it to her 4 month appointment we had scheduled for today.  Surprisingly, she did great with the shots this time around.  She cried for maybe 2 minutes and then was over it.  I had a bottle waiting for when she was done and she was much more interested in eating than she was at crying over some silly shots.  Thank goodness.  Here are 2 pics I snapped with my iphone:

We somehow made it into the office with only 1 sock.  I have no idea where we lost the other one and it has yet to be found...

We did learn that A is, in fact, ready for more big girl food than I originally thought.  After discussing it with our pediatrician, we are ready to incorporate more solids into her schedule.  She's been waking up more frequently during the night these past two weeks and the doctor seems to think my hungry baby is ready for more big girl foods!  Her ears checked out great this time so hopefully (fingers crossed) we can stay OFF antibiotics for a bit.  Overall, her check-up went very well and I'm very pleased with how great she is doing.  Tonight we are going to order some take-out and have a family night here at home - whoo hoo!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo Challenge Catch-Up

I'm playing catch-up with my photo challenge today!  Here are the last few days:
Day 10:  Self portrait
 Ok- not the best self portrait of myself.  I'm having a bad hair month day- so whatev...

Day 11:  Makes you happy

 How can this beautiful smile not make anyone happy?

The sweetest, cutest dog in the world always makes me smile...

And, of course, my husband always makes me happy!

Day 12:  Inside your closet

This is our linen closet made into my shoe closet!

Can't wait until we get a bigger house so I get a bigger closet.  Although this one is not a bad size considering the age of our house...

Day 13:  Blue

Yeah, I was totally uninspired for this one.  I went around for days looking for something that was blue and cool to take a picture of.  Nada...

Day 14:  Heart

This was Anniston ready to celebrate Valentine's with B and I on Saturday night.

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