Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy Saturday

Anniston and I had such a busy Saturday.  We woke up early to get some quality one on one time with each other.  We played in her jumparoo, read a book, and she sat in her highchair to watch me clean the kitchen and fold laundry.  Next up was a much needed Target run.  She didn't sleep much but instead was quite content watching me shop.  She decided she wanted to talk (very loudly) as we strolled down the toy aisle- was that a hint?  She was being so good that I decided to get a few more errands in on the way home.  We ran by Walgreens to pick up some photos and then Old Navy to use some coupons I had been saving.  By the time we made it home she was ready to get out of her carseat and eat.  Aunt Allie stopped by to visit with us and take some pictures.  Here are a few we took:

Then it was time to get ready for a dinner celebrating my cousin's homecoming and job promotion.  This was also Anniston's first "official" big girl dinner at a restaurant.  We did bring her to Brandon's grandmother's birthday dinner back in November but we had a private room so it didn't really matter if she cried nonstop (which she didn't, by the way.)  So last night was our first "real" trip to eat out in public.

  My extended family lives about an hour and a half away so I'm glad they all made the trip to Memphis so we wouldn't have to drive there.  We ate a yummy, carb-loaded dinner at Carraba's Italian Restaurant (kid-friendly, thank goodness.)  As we were pulling in to the parking lot, I noticed a "foul" smell in the car.  I immediately assumed it was Brandon (he is a guy after all!)  When I took Anniston out of her carseat once we got inside, I could still smell it- and it had gotten much stronger.  Apparently, she had been very busy on the ride there!  Mom and I hauled her off to the bathroom to change what turned out to be a very impressive poopy.  What luck- I had just changed her diaper before we left for dinner.  Oh well...

Anniston was so well behaved throughout the dinner.  I wasn't really worried about it because she is so good these days.  She didn't disappoint me.  She looked around at everybody and everything going on in amazement.  She was so good-natured about being passed around while everyone took turns holding her.  I had a couple of strangers come over to look at her and tell us how adorable she was.  Just what every mama wants to hear:)

It was so fun getting together with everyone.  It's so hard to see my aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandmother these days since I've gone back to work and they live in a different city.  We are a very close family and I love spending time with them all and catching up.  I am so proud of my cousin, Will, and his new promotion. I'm glad we got to celebrate with him!

Getting ready to leave for dinner- I swear I didn't match us on purpose!

Poppy and Anniston

My Aunt Nancy and Anniston

Allie and I with our handsome cousins, Will and Jake

 The girls:  me, Mom, Allie, Nancy

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