Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anniston is 4 Months!

My beautiful Anniston Ruth,

Yay!  You are now 4 months old. It's amazing to reflect back on the past month and realize how much you have changed in such a short amount of time.  You are such a happy baby.  You will smile and laugh at practically nothing.  Sometimes I can just look at you and smile and in return your eyes will light up and you give me the biggest grin.  We play silly games, look at ourselves in the mirror, and sing songs like "I'm a Little Teapot" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Since I've returned to work, you have started going to Miss Kristi's during the day.  She takes such good care of you and sends me emails during the day on how you are doing.  You will smile and laugh at her so I know you like her too.  We are so lucky to have found such a great person to watch you while I'm at work.

We have FINALLY found a pacifier that you will take!  You were so picky that we had to go through about 7 different ones to find one that satisfied you.  You are still not attached to it (which will be good for later on) but it really helps satisfy you when you get fussy and squirmy.  Of course, the brand that you like seems to be really hard to find in stores, so we've had to specially order some back-ups off the internet.

You are still taking 4 oz of milk every couple of hours and have gotten really good at sleeping through the night.  What a relief!  And just in time for me to return to work!  You still take a little catnap in between almost every feeding.  I can tell the second you start getting sleepy because you will rub your eyes with your fists and yawn.  It's so cute.

You have started "talking" and making little noises so much more now.  Some days you apparently have a lot to say and will just sit in your bouncy seat making all sorts of little sounds.  A couple of nights ago, you woke me up with your "talking."  Daddy and I laid in bed for a minute just watching and listening to you on the video monitor.  It sounded like you were carrying on a conversation with yourself in there!  It was the funniest thing.  Another morning you talked to me all the way home from Miss Kristi's.  I would turn the radio down to try to hear you better and you would stop.  When I turned the radio back up, you started back up.  Maybe you were trying to sing along with the radio?  I don't know but it was quite entertaining!

You have rolled over a few more times by now.  You rolled over at Miss Kristi's one day and then got frustrated that your arm was stuck underneath you.  I was on my way to work one Saturday and Daddy texted me that you rolled over one way, then rolled back the other way.  I was so upset that I missed it and of course you wouldn't do it for me later that night.  You love to play in your jumparoo and sit in your highchair in the kitchen.  You also love to watch me get ready in the morning.  I do my make-up and dry my hair and you will just sit and stare at me.  I love it.

You are still in a size 2 diaper and in 3-6 month clothes.  You weigh about 16.4 lbs and are 25 inches long!  The doctor says you are doing great in weight and height.  You've had 4 ear infections by now.  We just finished up another round of antibiotics and went to the doctor today for your 4 month shots and -shocker- your ears were normal!  Maybe we will be good for awhile!

Baby girl, you are such a joy to be around and to play with these days.  Daddy and I have so much fun at night spending time with you and coming up with new ways to make you laugh and smile.  You bring happiness to my life every day.  I love you more than you could ever imagine.  Happy 4 months sweet Annie:)



  1. Also, today when I was watching you so daddy could get a few things done, you fell asleep in my arms (which is my favorite thing in the world) and then I decided I was sleepy too, so took a lil nap with you. It was so much fun. I can't wait until mine and your mommy's work schedules get more in-sync- I had to go 5 whole days without seeing you this week, and we haven't had a "girl's day" in over a week! Those are my favorite days- me, you and your mommy hanging out, blogging, shopping, and running when the weather is nice!

  2. Sweet Anniston! Such a cutie. 4 months was SOOO much fun for us!


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