Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo Challenge: Days 15-21

 Day 15:  Phone

I just got this new phone case from Plum Street Prints.  Awesome designs and affordable.  I love the way mine turned out!

Day 16:  Something new
I've signed Anniston up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  They send you a free book every month.  This came in the day before we went to the doctor- how fitting!  So we read this and talked about how brave Corduroy was when he went to get his shots:)  I'm pretty sure she didn't understand a word of it....

Day 17:  Time (I cheated on this one and pretended like to today was day 17)
At 7:30 am yesterday morning we were feeding A her "ba-nay-nays" (bananas) for breakfast.  This is what she looked like when she got a yummy spoonful:

And this is what she looked like in between bites:
She is very impatient with her bananas and I couldn't feed her fast enough!

Day 18: Drink
If you know me at all you know that I LOVE my Diet Coke.  I'm trying to cut back and drink more water but it would be near impossible for me to cut it completely out.  This quote is so me:

Day 19:  Something you hate to do
I absolutely HATE to go to the grocery store.  Maybe it's because I work in one, but I hated it even before then.  People just mosey down aisles, blocking it with their carts, and take their sweet little time. Half of them are in la-la land and are totally oblivious to everyone else around them. I hate it.  If we had a service around here that would deliver groceries I would be all over it.  I buy what I can from Target mostly and then make a quick sweep through the grocery after I get off work to pick up whatever else I need.  We generally don't need that much- it's not like I cook a lot or anything!  Ha!

Day 20:  Handwriting
And so here is my grocery list of things to pick up after work tomorrow night.  My handwriting has definitely getting worse over the years, but in the 4th grade I did win the handwriting award in my class.

Day 21:  Favorite Photo of You
I absolutely love all the pics Lindsey Lissau took of us a couple of years ago.  We found some really cool spots in downtown Memphis to take the pictures and they turned out fabulous.  Here are three of my favs:

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  1. Hahaha, I love the pictures of your lil' nugget in between nanner bites.
    Your handwriting is nice! It could be a font and I'd use it ;-)


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