Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's been going on...

This week has been super busy but fun at the same time.  B left to go on a business trip Sunday and just returned last night.  Needless to say, I have been busy working, taking care of Anniston, and running all the errands since he's been gone.  It's been a little challenging trying to get "stuff" done in between all that but I've tried not to worry about my never ending to-do list and just concentrate on spending my time with my baby until B got back in town.  A and I have had so much fun at night hanging out, watching our girly shows, and playing with Ruby.  She loves it when I sit her in the high chair and I sit beside her to eat my dinner.  For some reason, she loves to watch me eat and chew.  She giggles like it's the funniest thing when I chew obnoxiously and say "nom nom nom."  I know- we are silly girls.  We will work on table manners later.

Yesterday and today were my days off this week since it's my weekend to work.  I dropped her off at Miss Kristi's for a little while yesterday so I could run a few errands.  Afterwards, we went to Bebe and Papa's to hang out and eat some pizza.  Our cousin, Rebecca, brought over her little boy (Graham) to visit and play with Anniston.  These two are absolutely the cutest babies.  Graham is at such a fun age (almost 8 months) and he was cracking us up all night.  Here are some pictures I took of the night:

I think they liked each other...

 How cute is he?

B made it home last night instead of tonight so I was thrilled that he would be able to make it to her 4 month appointment we had scheduled for today.  Surprisingly, she did great with the shots this time around.  She cried for maybe 2 minutes and then was over it.  I had a bottle waiting for when she was done and she was much more interested in eating than she was at crying over some silly shots.  Thank goodness.  Here are 2 pics I snapped with my iphone:

We somehow made it into the office with only 1 sock.  I have no idea where we lost the other one and it has yet to be found...

We did learn that A is, in fact, ready for more big girl food than I originally thought.  After discussing it with our pediatrician, we are ready to incorporate more solids into her schedule.  She's been waking up more frequently during the night these past two weeks and the doctor seems to think my hungry baby is ready for more big girl foods!  Her ears checked out great this time so hopefully (fingers crossed) we can stay OFF antibiotics for a bit.  Overall, her check-up went very well and I'm very pleased with how great she is doing.  Tonight we are going to order some take-out and have a family night here at home - whoo hoo!


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  2. I'm so glad her 4 month checkup went well! I love the pictures of her and Graham. There is nothing cuter than seeing little babies interact with each other!


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