Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo Challenge- Days 6,8, & 9

Been pretty busy this week, so it's time to play catch-up on my February Photo Challenge!

Day 6:  Dinner
Yummy pasta casserole I took with me to work Monday night.  I crumble tortilla chips on top and it is soooo good!

I'm going to skip day 7's "Button" because I couldn't think of anything...

Day 8:  Sun
It wasn't very sunny here in Memphis on Wednesday.  It has been pretty cold compared to the last few weeks.  I shot this out my car window as I was on my way to pick up some lunch for all my co-workers.

Day 9:  Front Door

Here we are on our front doorstep this morning about to leave for work (that explains the scrubs.)

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  1. I miss my little Anniston! Can't wait to hang out with her tomorrow!

    We are hanging out, right?


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