Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

We didn't really celebrate Fat Tuesday, but we did have one heck of a day today.  Brandon and I were both off today (which never happens on a weekday) and we had set aside the entire day to spend together with Anniston.

We were pretty lazy this morning just lounging around in our pjs and playing with Anniston. Once A went down for her morning nap we both got ready for the day.  B did have a business meeting to attend for about an hour or so and while he was busy A and I headed out to the mall.

We walked around Macy's so I could use up some coupons I had.  I found a cute top for me and a couple of outfits for A (including a St. Patrick's Day outfit.)  Anniston was so good during our stroll through Macy's.  We were having a bad sock day though so I had to keep retracing our steps to find her socks that she kept kicking off!  Luckily, I found them every time. When B finished up his meeting he came to meet us for lunch at the food court.  A was sleeping away by that time (with both socks on!) so we got to enjoy a meal together.

We headed home soon after to rest and A and I ended up napping together in the rocker.  Oh how I love times like these!  She has really started grabbing onto things now (she loves to pull at my hair) and while we were napping she held onto my necklace a couple of times.  How sweet.

After a long afternoon nap (which she needed) we all went for an afternoon stroll around our block.  It was so pretty here in Memphis today and I was itching to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We even took Ruby with us.  When we went to grab her leash she immediately started shaking her behind in excitement.  She was so happy she was included.  I'm so ready for more warm days here!

Tonight we went out for dinner. We've gone out to restaurants with A before but always with a group of family. This is the first time that just Brandon and I have taken Anniston out to dinner with us.  We went to Bosco's in Midtown- one of our favorite places.  She was so good and well behaved.

Today was a great day.  I love having days off during the week.  Places are less crowded and it is so much more enjoyable to get out and run errands when you don't have to fight the weekend traffic.  I'm so happy we had such a great day spending time together.  Now I have the weekend to look forward to- only 3 more work days to go!

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