Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas was so much fun.  Having a 14 month old made the holidays so exciting.  I had so much fun shopping for gifts for Anniston.  Even though Anniston didn't really understand all the excitement of gifts and Santa just yet, Brandon and I had a blast setting out her loot from Santa and seeing her reaction the next morning!

Here is what Santa brought Anniston this year:

 From left to right:  Care Bear Harmony Bear (in the gift sack), Leap Pad Tag Junior, pink vintage kitchen, shopping cart, play curling iron, hair straightener, blow dryer (wrapped present), small vanity and mirror, and a baby doll stroller.

She didn't quite know what to think of it all.  I had Brandon record her reaction on video.  She looked at with a semi-confused expression on her face and then looked back at me as if to say, "How did all these new toys get in here?"  Then she had to check everything out!

I didn't really know if she would enjoy her play kitchen just yet but she did!  She LOVES it.  She loves picking up the phone and opening and closing all the cabinets.

Aren't her Christmas pjs just the cutest?  Mimi bought them for her to wear Christmas morning!

After we played for awhile we then started getting ready for our trip to Jackson to spend the day with my family.  It was so much fun.  I have definitely reached the point where I care nothing about getting gifts for myself- as long as Anniston is having fun that is all that matters!

Here are some shots from Christmas at my Aunt Nancy's house:

A great Christmas in my opinion!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Fun

Thank the Lord that Anniston was feeling better from her little virus she caught.  She ate her waffle that morning without getting sick and she was actually playing and running around!  Major improvement over yesterday!

Brandon and I had already decided to let Anniston open one present from us on Christmas Eve.  She almost unwrapped the entire present by herself!

It was so fun to see her get a new toy.  It was a play telephone because she LOVES to pretend like she is talking on the phone.  She will grab my cell phone and put it up to her ear like she is talking on it.  It's so cute!

Since Annie was feeling better, we decided to go ahead with our Christmas Eve plans at Brandon's mom's house.

Annie got a TON of fun stuff- including a dalmatian stuffed dog, new books for her Leap Frog Tag Junior that Santa is going to bring her, a new red rocking chair (which she LOVES to climb up in), and some finger puppet books.  She had a lot of fun opening the presents!

Here are a couple of shots I managed to snap.  (The lighting was HORRIBLE, so some of these are blurry and not good, but oh well!)

Later that night we came home, got in our pjs, and read "The Night Before Christmas."  What a fun way to end the night:)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas From The Medlings!

It's always fun taking a look back at past Christmases!







Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Vacation- Medling Style

The title of this post makes it sound as if we are doing something really fun and exciting with our time off work.  Well, we're not.  But we still are having so much fun!

I was very lucky this year to get 5 whole days off for Christmas.  After Christmas is another story but for now I'm enjoying the time with my family!

Friday was spent running last minute errands so that I would not have to get out this weekend in the craziness.  Apparently the crazies were out Friday, too.  I'm so glad I went to Target early that morning because I ended up having to make a quick trip back later that afternoon and it was NUTS!  And don't even get me started on Toys R Us!

Speaking of Toys R Us, why was I even there 4 days before Christmas when we already have Anniston everything we were planning to get her?  Because I had the compelling urge to get her just one (or two) more things!  I know, I know- she probably won't know the difference and would probably be happy with just one gift, but I couldn't help myself.  This is the first Christmas we are doing Santa and wrapping presents for her, since last year she was just 2 months old.  Needless to say, I can't WAIT for Christmas to get here and to see her play with all her new toys.

So what did I get at Toys R Us that was so important that it needed to be added to her stack of "Santa" toys?  A Care Bear.  I got the Harmony Bear because it's purple and we love us some purple around here.

 It might be true that I got her a Care Bear just as much for me as for her.  You see, I used to collect Care Bears when I was little.  I loved them.  I watched all of their cartoons.  Then I got head lice from some little girl in kindergarten and my mom made me we had to throw away all stuffed animals that could possible be infected.  I was heartbroken!  I hope Annie will enjoy them as much as I did!

Yesterday my mom and dad came into town to do a little shopping so they stopped by our house for a bit to see Anniston and help us with a few last minute Christmas preparations.  Mom helped me wrap the last of my presents while Dad and Brandon put together the vintage play kitchen that Santa is going to bring to her.

Anniston has apparently caught some kind of virus or stomach bug.  She has had really bad diarrhea since Friday afternoon and has been throwing up too.  She barely ate any of her blueberry waffle this morning (which she usually LOVES.)  Shortly after she starting getting sick and throwing up everywhere.  I felt so bad for her.  She sat on the floor, barely moving, and watched one of her favorite videos for over 30 minutes!

That never happens so I knew then that she didn't feel well at all.  Luckily, we didn't have any big plans today so I have all day to cater to my sick baby girl!

I think she only left mine or Brandon's lap once until late this afternoon when she started to feel a little better.  She mostly slept or just curled up in our arms.  She was so lifeless; she didn't talk, smile, or play at all.  I think this was the sickest she's ever been!  I tried to feed her jello and Pedialyte later in the day, which only resulted in more throwing up.

Late afternoon she seemed to feel a little better.  She actually sat in her high chair to eat some Cheerios (and kept it down!)  She was much happier the rest of the night, with the exception of another throw up session right before bed.  I hope she feels better tomorrow because it breaks my hear to see her feeling so bad!

Here she is just sitting in my lap watching here Baby Genius DVD.  Pitiful:(

We may not have much exciting going on during our days off before Christmas, but there is no other way I'd rather spend my time.  Lounging around the house as a family is a wonderful treat when Brandon and I both work full time and our weeks sometimes get really hectic.  This is the perfect vacation!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Build A Bear Fun

Yesterday my sister and I took Anniston to make her first Build A Bear!  This was Allie's Christmas gift to Anniston- and what a great idea it was!  Anniston was in awe of all the different bears for her to choose from.  We really wanted to let her pick out the bear herself but when she kept pointing to the camouflage bear, I knew we had to step in.  Ha!  We finally decided on a classic light brown bear.

Anniston was so interested in everything there.  She would grab one of our hands and pull us wherever she wanted to go.

And let me tell ya- she was definitely going places!  We assisted in stuffing the bear and picked out her heart.  Annie apparently thought it was a treat and tried to eat it.

We also gave the bear a bath, combed and dried her hair (or fur, I guess), and picked out a stylish outfit.  So- here is Miss Molly:

My little girl has been so sweet lately and so generous with hugs.  She will wrap both arms around me and squish her face to mine.  I absolutely love it!

It was so unseasonably warm yesterday that we decided to do a quick photo shoot!  I'm so glad we did because her little outfit was so cute!  Allie called her a "future fashion blogger in the making."  Ha ha.  These pics are great.  Thanks Allie!

outfit from Janie and Jack

Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

We certainly got in the Christmas Spirit around our house this weekend!  I had a 3 day weekend (whoo hoo) and Brandon had scheduled a half day on Friday.  Brandon has had the flu this past week but I'm so glad he was feeling better this weekend so we could have some family time.  We went to a light show, wrapped presents, watched Frosty the Snowman, and went to a Christmas party!

We hung out at home most of the day Friday.  Annie is fascinated with my camera.  Every time I snapped a picture of her she would come over to see it on the camera.

How adorable is this little outfit with her booties?

She and Ruby played together a lot as well.  They are such BFFs.  

Friday night we went to Starry Nights at Shelby Farms.  They decorate the park with thousands of lights and Christmas decorations and you drive through in your car.  Once inside the park, I let Annie sit upfront with me so she could see out the windows better.  She had a blast!  She kept pointing to the different lights and saying "ooooooh."  We had Christmas music blaring from the radio and it was seriously one of the best nights!

Saturday morning we lounged around the house, watching Frosty the Snowman and wrapping presents.  Anniston is not too interested in actually sitting down and watching the cartoon, but everytime they sing "Frosty the Snowman" she immediately drops whatever she is doing to dance to it.  I tried downloading the song to my phone but somehow that doesn't have the same effect.  So we watched it over and over and over.

Wrapping presents would have been a lot easier if someone would stay out of my boxes....

Annie has really been all about her books lately.  Only certain ones though.  She hasn't quite reached the point of listening to a full story yet.  She likes the cardboard books (because she can turn the pages easily) that have 1-2 words per page.  So we point at the picture and say what it is.  We can seriously do this for over an hour!  She will go get a book, bring it to me, and then hold up her arms for me to pick her up to sit in my lap.  Then repeat about 100 times!  Needless to say, she will be getting lots of new books for Christmas!

I had to sneak this one in here from earlier this week.  Annie loves to walk around the house in the morning while I'm getting ready, pretending to curl her hair.  This was the best shot I could get with my phone, so it's a little blurry, but how cute is this?  I think I'm going to have a girly girl on my hands pretty soon!

Sunday we drove to Jackson for an early Christmas party with my dad's side of the family.  I was so excited to see Anniston open her first Christmas presents.  She had so much fun!  We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Anniston's 1st Birthday (2 Months Late)

This is a VERY long post.  Don't say you haven't been warned:)

Yes- I realize it has been over 2 months since Anniston turned 1.  I kept waiting on my CD of the pictures the professional photographer was supposed to give me.  I'm STILL waiting on it.  I've seen the pictures (they are great) but I have no way to upload them without my CD.  I will not even get started on a rant about why I don't have it, so let's just move on right past that.

I do, however, have a few pictures that my sister took.  They are totally awesome but she didn't get pictures of everything.  I wanted her to be able to have fun and enjoy the party, which is why I hired someone to do the pictures.  Big mistake.  Anyhoo...

The party turned out fabulous.  I put a lot of work into this party and I had fun planning it.  Everything turned out almost exactly as I had envisioned and we had so much fun.  Onto the details...

The theme I chose was Shabby Chic Sugar and Spice.  I love shabby chic decor and I wanted something vintage and girly.  I realize this will probably be the last party that I have a say in what the theme is!

The printables you will see through-out were custom designed for me by Gwynn Wasson Designs.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting party printables.  She was awesome to work with and I couldn't have been more pleased with how everything turned out.  She designed my invitations, cone holders, place cards, favor tags, and cupcake toppers.

Here is a picture of the invitations:

How perfect are these?  I was in love...

Here is the main table set-up:
The ruffle tablecloth I ordered from here on Etsy.  I think it went just perfect with my theme.  The fabric backdrop and banner I ordered from another Etsy shop called Party Paper Scissors.  It is one of my favorite decorations!

Side note:  In case you haven't yet noticed, I got almost everything for this party on Etsy!

 This is a side table I decorated to hold the cookies and a couple of pictures from her birthday photo shoot.  I absolute adore the pink vintage suitcase that holds the cookies.  

 Although you can't see the entire setup in this picture, this was what was hanging above my mantle.  These are pics from Anniston's birthday photo shoot (taken by my sister, Allie.)  If you've never ordered canvas prints from Walgreens, you should.  These were a great price and the quality was decent for the money.  I also had little bud vases with pink flowers staggered around the mantle, but I think she took this picture before they were put up there.

 Table with all of Anniston's first year photo books.  I also had all of my monthly blog letters to her printed in a book.  

 Here is a picture of the favors table. I ordered picture magnets from Shutterfly, wrapped them in cellophane bags, and tied pink and teal ribbon around them.

 This is from the main entry table.

Also from the main entry table.  In the invitations, I asked everyone to write a special message to Anniston for her to open on her 16th birthday.  I stored them in this super cute vintage suitcase I bought off Etsy.

Here is the wreath I had made from this shop on Etsy.  I hung it in the entryway.  

I kept the food fairly simple.  The party was at 3:00 pm so I knew people wouldn't be expecting a full meal.  There were plenty of sweets and candy, though.  Lollipops, rice krispie treats dipped in white chocolate, gumballs, personalized M&M's, popcorn drizzled in strawberry cream white chocolate, cake, cookies, and cupcakes kept everyone's sweet tooth satisfied.  I threw in some fruit with dip and pimento cheese sandwiches too.

Cookies via The Sweet Shop Cookie Co on Etsy

 Personalized M&M's in teal, pink, and white

 Lollipops via Kara's Party Ideas.  The teal mini trunk I found on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I think the popcorn was one of my favorites.  I ordered caramel popcorn drizzled in strawberry cream white chocolate so it would have a pink color to it.  The cone holders (better seen in the table setup pic) my dad made for me!  Isn't he handy?

Rice Krispie Treats

 Mini cupcakes made by Kipp Cakes.  

And, of course, the CAKE!!!!  How fabulous did this turn out?  This was also made by Kipp Cakes. I gave her a picture of what I had in mind and I think she did a fantastic job!  The bunting I ordered from Etsy- found here.  You can't see the cake stand in this picture (again, refer to the table setup pic) but it's a wooden box personalized with "Happy Birthday Anniston" on it.

I don't think my sister got a picture of the drink table, but I served pink lemonade in mason jars, complete with pink and white straws.

I promise, this post is almost over:)
Here are a couple of shots Allie managed to snap of Anniston in her party dress.  I wanted something sweet, simple, and timeless for her to wear.  I think this dress fit the bill.  I bought it at Janie and Jack and ordered the headband off Etsy.

 Riding in her pink car that Kay Kay and Poppy gave her!

 Don't we look perfectly coordinated?!!!

Whew!  That's all.  I probably should have split this up into 2 posts but once I had a free moment to write this, I just had to get it DONE.  I'm glad I got it documented because I hope to always remember Anniston's very first birthday party:)
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