Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

We certainly got in the Christmas Spirit around our house this weekend!  I had a 3 day weekend (whoo hoo) and Brandon had scheduled a half day on Friday.  Brandon has had the flu this past week but I'm so glad he was feeling better this weekend so we could have some family time.  We went to a light show, wrapped presents, watched Frosty the Snowman, and went to a Christmas party!

We hung out at home most of the day Friday.  Annie is fascinated with my camera.  Every time I snapped a picture of her she would come over to see it on the camera.

How adorable is this little outfit with her booties?

She and Ruby played together a lot as well.  They are such BFFs.  

Friday night we went to Starry Nights at Shelby Farms.  They decorate the park with thousands of lights and Christmas decorations and you drive through in your car.  Once inside the park, I let Annie sit upfront with me so she could see out the windows better.  She had a blast!  She kept pointing to the different lights and saying "ooooooh."  We had Christmas music blaring from the radio and it was seriously one of the best nights!

Saturday morning we lounged around the house, watching Frosty the Snowman and wrapping presents.  Anniston is not too interested in actually sitting down and watching the cartoon, but everytime they sing "Frosty the Snowman" she immediately drops whatever she is doing to dance to it.  I tried downloading the song to my phone but somehow that doesn't have the same effect.  So we watched it over and over and over.

Wrapping presents would have been a lot easier if someone would stay out of my boxes....

Annie has really been all about her books lately.  Only certain ones though.  She hasn't quite reached the point of listening to a full story yet.  She likes the cardboard books (because she can turn the pages easily) that have 1-2 words per page.  So we point at the picture and say what it is.  We can seriously do this for over an hour!  She will go get a book, bring it to me, and then hold up her arms for me to pick her up to sit in my lap.  Then repeat about 100 times!  Needless to say, she will be getting lots of new books for Christmas!

I had to sneak this one in here from earlier this week.  Annie loves to walk around the house in the morning while I'm getting ready, pretending to curl her hair.  This was the best shot I could get with my phone, so it's a little blurry, but how cute is this?  I think I'm going to have a girly girl on my hands pretty soon!

Sunday we drove to Jackson for an early Christmas party with my dad's side of the family.  I was so excited to see Anniston open her first Christmas presents.  She had so much fun!  We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas!

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  1. Oh my goodness! It looks like you guys had such an amazing weekend! She is such a cutie and I love seeing all of her girliness in her photos! You will have your hands full in the future!


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