Thursday, December 20, 2012

Build A Bear Fun

Yesterday my sister and I took Anniston to make her first Build A Bear!  This was Allie's Christmas gift to Anniston- and what a great idea it was!  Anniston was in awe of all the different bears for her to choose from.  We really wanted to let her pick out the bear herself but when she kept pointing to the camouflage bear, I knew we had to step in.  Ha!  We finally decided on a classic light brown bear.

Anniston was so interested in everything there.  She would grab one of our hands and pull us wherever she wanted to go.

And let me tell ya- she was definitely going places!  We assisted in stuffing the bear and picked out her heart.  Annie apparently thought it was a treat and tried to eat it.

We also gave the bear a bath, combed and dried her hair (or fur, I guess), and picked out a stylish outfit.  So- here is Miss Molly:

My little girl has been so sweet lately and so generous with hugs.  She will wrap both arms around me and squish her face to mine.  I absolutely love it!

It was so unseasonably warm yesterday that we decided to do a quick photo shoot!  I'm so glad we did because her little outfit was so cute!  Allie called her a "future fashion blogger in the making."  Ha ha.  These pics are great.  Thanks Allie!

outfit from Janie and Jack

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