Sunday, July 29, 2012

Too Busy To Blog...

I've been a real slacker on my blog posts lately- we have been so busy and I've been trying to give Anniston my full attention when we have free time. I usually do my blogging after she goes to bed, but here lately Brandon and I have both been so tired that we have been going to bed super early.

The reason for the early bedtimes? Well, Anniston has had a little trouble sleeping past 4 am the past couple of weeks. She will wake up, ready to play and in the best mood, and then gets tired and ready to go back down around 7/7:30 am. I have no idea what has prompted her to get up this early. She has had a little cold the past 2 weeks so I'm thinking that has contributed some to the change in sleeping patterns. The good news is that she will sleep without waking up from 7:30 pm to 4 am. As long as B and I go to bed around 9/9:30 pm, we can get in a good 6.5/7 hours of sleep. We have tried a couple of different strategies to help her sleep a little longer, but we haven't had much luck so far. She's on an antibiotic right now so hopefully we are on the upswing!

Anniston has really started making new sounds and noises here lately. Her new favorite is "ya ya ya ya ya." We constantly say "ma ma" and "da da" and even though she can (somewhat) "da da" it hasn't been in relation to us saying it to her- until yesterday morning! Brandon and I were saying "da da" to her and she said it back to us! Brandon jumped up off the couch he was so excited. We both started clapping in excitement, which got Anniston all excited. It was truly one of those great moments that makes the sleep issue such a minor detail!

Anniston can now wave- and it is the cutest thing ever. She really gets some wrist action going and will just wave at random moments. Until yesterday morning she really hasn't ever waved back at us when Brandon or I wave to her. Apparently, this was a morning of firsts! Brandon and I were waving and saying "Hi" and she immediately waved back at us. made my morning!

I've been really trying to stay consistent with my running here lately. Most weeks I'm able to fit at least 3 runs in- sometimes 4. More on my running/exercising in another post...

B and I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics Friday night and then swimming and gymnastics last night. I am so pumped to watch all of my favorite events during the next couple of weeks! It is so inspiring to watch some of the greatest athletes in the world make their dreams come true. Go USA!!!

Anniston and I went to my SIL's house yesterday for a Blessed Be The Name trunk show. I guess you could say I'm a trunk show newbie- this was the first one I've ever attended. A and I had so much fun that I'm ready for the next one! I bought her some fall clothes and then some late winter clothes too. I liked Blessed Be The Name ok- but what I really want to find is a Matilda Jane trunk show! I'm obsessed with their stuff!

That's all of the randomness I can think of for now.  And because no post can be complete without a couple of pictures of my princess.... here are a couple I have taken recently:

Hope everyone has a great week!
****note: I wrote the majority of this post Saturday and was finishing it up today. After writing about her "sleeping in" issue the past few weeks she actually slept until 6 am this morning! Talk about waking up feeling refreshed!! I have a feeling this week is gonna be great!!!!

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