Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Came Way Too Fast

This weekend flew by and I cannot believe it's Monday already!  This week is going to be tough- due to an overtime shift I took I only have one day off.  Hopefully, when I get that overtime check I will be reminded why I picked it up.

We had a pretty low key weekend.  Saturday we spent most of the day at the house.  It's just too hot to do much of anything outside.  This is why I hate the summer.  I'm SO ready for fall!

I told you I would probably have a couple more July 4th pics taken at my sister-in-law's house that I would have to share.  Sorry, but I must post more- I can't get enough of her precious face!  That, and the fact that I bought too many 4th of July outfits and I had to get a picture in them all!

 At least one of them knows how to pose for a camera!  

A new Bargain Hunt (an Essex store) opened up here in Memphis and my friend, Amanda, and her little boy, Bridger, asked us to go with them to check it out.  This place is awesome and had great discounts on name brand items.  I bought two toys for Anniston- one for now and one I'm saving for Christmas.  I paid $20.00 tax and all for both!

Meal times for Anniston are becoming slightly more challenging.  She made the biggest mess Saturday night with her spinach and pears.  All she wants to do is grab the spoon as I'm trying to feed her and gnaw on it.  Then she wants to put her fingers in her mouth when it still has food in it, then proceed to put her dirty hands on her face, in her hair, etc.  Saturday night she tried to grab the bowl from me and food spilled out on her tray. After that, all she was interested in was swirling the food around and making a huge mess!  It's frustrating but really funny at the same time.  She laughs and giggles and is so cute you can't help but laugh too.  Needless to say, I put her in the tub as soon as dinner was over.  It seriously took 10 minutes to get all the spinach out of her nose!

Sunday was Brandon's morning to sleep in so A and I headed out for an early morning run before the rain came.  It's so hot here that if we don't get out there before 8 am we just don't go at all.

I finished my pregnancy photo book this weekend and I'm so excited for it to come in.  I wasn't initially going to do one because I didn't take that many pictures while I was pregnant, but in the end I found enough and included nursery pics and some ultrasound pics as well.  I'm glad that I documented it all and it will be nice for Anniston to look back on one day.

I've gotten so many packages in this past week and finally had enough time this weekend to go through them all!  Brandon gives me "the look" when another package comes to the door- I think he gets a little annoyed at all the packages that come to our house on a daily basis.  I don't know what to tell him- I don't have time to shop in stores!  What else does he want me to do?

Among the packages were several things for A's birthday party.  They are so cute and I'm getting so excited about it!  I also had a couple of outfits and such I had ordered from Zulily, more hairbows and hairclips from Etsy, and birthday presents for my sister and my brother-and-law (whose birthdays are in just a few days!)

Sunday afternoon Allie, Anniston, and I had a baby shower to attend for one of our co-workers, Tasha.  She is having a boy and naming him Maddox Wesley.  It was fun and I'm glad we got to celebrate with her.

Sunday afternoon Brandon and I decided to get Anniston a convertible carseat.  She has really outgrown her infant one and it is getting almost too heavy for us to carry anyway.  I did some research and we decided to go with the Britax Marathon 70.  Lucky for us, I saw them at half off the retail price at the Bargain Hunt store Saturday.  We headed out there and then stopped by Babies R Us on the way home to make use of the stash of coupons we had been collecting.

We had a great weekend and hopefully this week won't be as long as I think it will.  I'm looking forward to Thursday- my one day off this week and Anniston's 9 month check up!  Let's hope these next three days go by fast!


  1. I love online shopping too! It's just so much easier and quicker! I love A's little gingham outfit. It is too sweet! Good luck with your busy work week. I know it will be so tiring but just think about using that overtime money for some more online shopping. :)

  2. What's this Bargain Hunt place you speak of?

    1. Trinity and Germantown parkway!!! I've heard the place is picked over now but you can still find some good deals!!!


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