Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little Surprise Birthday Party

This past Saturday my sister hosted a surprise birthday party for my grandmother, who will soon be turning 85!  Allie went all out on the food and decorations.  I wish I could say I had some part in helping but it was all her!  The color scheme was classic red and white.  We had potato salad, deviled eggs, chicken salad sandwiches, shrimp, and grilled cheese for the vegetarians.  She had a special cake made for her along with cheesecake bites for dessert.  Everything turned out beautifully!

Everything was all set and ready when my aunt called us to let us know there had been a wreck on the interstate right outside of Memphis and they were at a standstill.  The guest of honor was with her and so we all got a little worried that my grandmother would be late to her own party!  They were stopped for over an hour before the wreck was cleared and they were able to start moving again!  Meanwhile, the rest of the family was getting a little antsy waiting for the party to begin so we passed the time by practicing our "Surprise".  You would think we would have had it perfected by the time she got there but grandmother didn't come in the door exactly as our stand-in person did, so it through us off!  Ha:)  She was still very surprised that we had thrown a party in her honor.  She claimed she didn't remember the last time anyone had thrown a party just for her- which made us so happy we did this for her!  She deserved it.

In addition to the gifts my grandmother received, we also gave her a memory box filled with lots of pictures and a personal letter from each person in the family.  I know she will have a good time going back through the memory box looking at all the pictures and reading all of our letters.

I took a TON of pictures throughout the party.  I've tried to narrow them down to the very best ones:

 Note: Brandon and I have been trying to teach Anniston to wave so that is all she wanted to do Saturday night!  Many of the pictures came out with her hand blurry from the movement!  Too funny!

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