Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Favorites

So this is kind of a random post but I thought I'd share some of my favorite things I'm absolutely LOVING this month (they will probably change next month but oh well!)

My new COACH purse- so I am not really a big fan of Coach, but I absolutely LOVE this purse. It is so perfect for the holidays! (Picture above)
My UGG sweater boots- I am wearing these things out. They are so cozy for when I get out and run errands during the day.

QVC- Allie and I are both addicted. I've never actually bought anything off there yet but that probably will not last too much longer. I love how they describe everything in such great detail- it's kind of brainwashing. I find myself so enthralled by the products and thinking to myself "Oh, yeah....I soooo need that!"

MAC eyeshadows

Rockaholic hairspray- I am a hairspray fanatic. I have to have hairspray EVERY DAY. I am picky- it has to hold well without making your hair crunchy. This stuff is the best!

Tiffany key necklaces- Whoo hoo! B is getting me one for Christmas!!

Biggest Loser- the finale is next week! B and I both cry at every episode. It is so inspiring.

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