Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY: Nursery Edition

I thought I would share a couple of projects I've been working on for the nursery. Allie and I have found so many cute ideas on the internet and if we can't find exactly what we want from a store then we just make it ourselves!

I had been searching to find a cute letter "A" to hang on the wall. I really wanted something that would soften up the look of just a plain painted wooden letter. I found a standard wooden letter and bought some cute yarn to wrap around it to soften it up a bit. Look how awesome this turned out! Perfect for a baby's room. The entire thing cost about $8.00 and took about 10 minutes to make!

My next project was inspired by some pictures Allie had found of a nursery with these "pom-poms" hanging from the ceiling. I had no idea where to find them and even if I did it would be hard to find in the exact colors I was using for the nursery. Allie convinced me that we could make some ourselves. So off to Hobby Lobby we went with absolutely no clue as to what we were doing! These pom-poms were actually not that hard to make. All it took was some styrofoam balls, artificial flowers, and a hot glue gun. It was a little tedious gluing the flowers to the balls but with two of us working it wasn't too bad. They turned out SO much better than I originally thought they would. I think these are so unique and girly!

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  1. I love both of those! Look at you guys getting crafty :)


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