Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Halloween Festivities Continue

Our weekend full of Halloween related events continued on yesterday- we had both a Trunk or Treat at Anniston's school + our neighborhood Halloween party last night. 

We didn't stay long at the Trunk or Treat- just long enough to say hi to everyone and let Annie see all her little friends.  We were trying to squeeze in both events and they overlapped a bit.  We did run into one of Anniston's little friends from Kristi's:

We raced back home to pack up our coolers, blankets, and food and headed out to our neighborhood Halloween party down the street.  We're still new to the area, so we didn't know what to expect but it was a lot of fun! 

They had pizza, appetizers, and lots of desserts for food, hayrides and a DJ for entertainment.  The music was super loud, and they had strobe lights going everywhere so I was a little concerned it would intimidate Anniston.  So not the case here, people.  My little dancing queen could barely contain her moves.  She was bouncing around and swaying her hips as we were standing in line to eat and bopping her head to the beat as she was sitting down eating.  She could barely wait to finish eating so she could get closer to the "dance floor." 

And when she did.......she was off.  And she DID NOT STOP!  Literally.  She went all night.  Running around, chasing the strobe lights, mimicking the other kids, making up moves of her own- you name it, she did it.  I've never seen her this way.  You would think she was on a sugar high, but she hadn't had an ounce of candy or juice.  She was the youngest one out there dancing- weaving in and out of the bigger kids and some teenagers that were doing a line dance.  She didn't care- she tried to join in with them!  She was out there at times by herself and she couldn't have cared one bit!  She was the life of the party and everyone thought it was so funny.

Here is just one of the many videos I took.  Let me preface this by saying I promise this was a family friendly event with families and kiddos- they just happened to play a couple of rap songs!:)

At times I tried to get her to take a break and drink some water but she couldn't be stopped- the music was apparently moving her!  I ran the battery down on my phone because I took so much video.  It was seriously the funniest thing.  But in all seriousness- she really is my child because I love to bust out some moves to a good beat.  It's the dancer in me:)  Looks like she's going to follow in Mommy's footsteps:)  Fist pump!!!!

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