Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Not So Relaxing Weekend

Nope- this was not a kick your heels up and relax kind of weekend.  We were crazy busy but I enjoyed every second of it.  Friday morning A and I were up super early (like that's any different than any other morning, due to A's 5:30am wake-up time) to tag along with Aunt Allie to take some newborn shots of one of our friend's new baby boy.  Anniston and I had fun just sitting back and watching.  It seemed like just yesterday that we were having Anniston's newborn photos taken.  While baby Bridger was having his diaper changed, Allie snapped this adorable pic of Anniston:

We had all planned to head over to the Botanic Gardens to take some fun spring pictures but by the time we finished it was pouring down rain.  Oh well- we still have plenty of warm, pretty days ahead of us!  Friday afternoon we had a visit from Bebe, Papa, Aunt Tara, and cousins Neely and Mary Beth.  They all loved seeing Anniston and Neely and Mary Beth had the best time playing with Ruby.  They also found the video monitor in A's nursery and the receiver in our bedroom and entertained themselves for quite some time making funny faces into the camera.  They were cracking us up. We all had a fun time.  Here is a pic of us girls:

Saturday morning we had an appointment with an ENT doctor to talk about Anniston's repeated ear infections.  A was so good at the doctor's office.  She smiled and giggled at everyone- the receptionist, the nurses, and even random people in the waiting room.  She is such a ham!  I'm really glad I chose this doctor.  He was very personable and interactive with Anniston.  We made the decision to go ahead and get tubes put in.  Hopefully this will help us stay off antibiotics for awhile.

After the appointment we grabbed some lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Anniston loves to watch us eat now.  She was so content just to sit in her carseat and watch everything we did.  We headed to Babies R Us afterwards to pick up some essentials (diapers, formula, etc.)  Brandon LOVES to go to Babies R Us/Toys R Us.  Even though Target is so much closer to our house and it would be much more practical to get our supplies from there, Brandon insists we go to Babies R Us.  We get coupons in the mail because we use our rewards card every time we buy something.  He gets so excited when the coupons come in and immediately plans a trip out there (yes- sometimes even by himself!)  I just humor him.

Saturday night Allie hosted a St. Patrick's Day get-together for our extended family.  It had been almost six weeks since my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins had seen Anniston so I was really excited to show them all the new things she has learned.  We had a great time visiting (and eating)!

Anniston with her Kay-Kay (top) and with my handsome cousin Will (bottom)

This morning Allie and I went for a quick run.  It was hotter outside than we both expected so we didn't do as well as we wanted to.  Seriously, where did this 84 degree weather in March come from?  This afternoon was spent playing with Annison, doing laundry, packing bottles for the week, and cleaning up around the house.  Then Brandon, Allie, Anniston, and I headed to dinner earlier tonight for some yummy Mexican food.  It is so great to be able to take A out to restaurants now without fear she will start screaming halfway through the meal.  It's a nice treat to have dinner out every now and then!

I'm ready for an awesome week to follow my awesome weekend!

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  1. So sorry to hear that sweet A has to have tubes put in! :( But it will be much better for her in the long run to not have to deal with those nasty ear infections. Her little St. Patty's Day outfit is too cute!


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