Friday, March 30, 2012

How 3G Saved My Life

If you're wondering why I haven't blogged in over a week it is because our cable and internet went out last Thursday as a result of a tree limb falling in our backyard. It just got repaired yesterday, so yes- I have been without cable and internet for over a week.  Cable out- not so much a big deal.  Internet out-  uh, what do I do with my time now?  Oh sweet 3G, what would I have done without you?  Seriously, without you I would have been isolated from the rest of the world without any way to contact people, check my email, stalk people on Facebook, and, most importantly- SHOP!  Never fear, my fabulous 3G saved me from all of this and I was able to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle.  Thank goodness for my iPad...

So, what's been going on? Too much to talk about in one post so I'll try to stick with one subject!  Last weekend B and I had our first date night without Anniston since I've started back to work (January 15th, to be exact.)  Since I work full-time, I want to spend my time off with her and so I've turned down a lot of the offers for a baby-free date night.  Until now!

Brandon and I decided to stay overnight at Harrah's casino. It's about a 40 minute drive from where we live to the casinos in Tunica, MS so it was a perfect overnight-er!  My mom and dad came down Saturday to stay at our house with Ruby and Anniston.  I really appreciated them doing this because it meant I didn't have to pack all of Anniston's stuff up and it kept her in her normal bedtime routine.

We headed down to Mississippi Saturday afternoon and stopped at the very small outlet mall they have across the street from Harrah's.  We hit up Gap, Izod, Nautica, Carters, Children's Place, and Osh Gosh.  I shopped more for A than I did for me, but I did score some cute shorts and 2 tanks from Gap.  B never shops but when he does, he buys in bulk.  And I mean in bulk.  He walked away with about 15 shirts and a pair of shorts.  Men....

We got our meal comped and enjoyed a good (free) meal at the famous Paula Dean buffet.  Afterwards, we played some blackjack, hit the slots, and watched some basketball.  We slept like the dead that night.  On Sunday morning I was itching to get back to see my baby though.

We had such a good time even though I missed A so much.  We had forgotten how to just relax and enjoy each others' company.  It made me think back to our pre-baby days and how much fun we had.  I'm so glad we waited a couple of years (4 to be exact) to have kids.  We got to enjoy being married, traveling, focusing on our careers, and just simply learning about each other.  We were both so ready for children when I got pregnant with Anniston though.  I think we had perfect timing!  I wanted to post a few pics of us pre-Anniston. They were good years with some great memories.

 Christmas 2006

 Our first Christmas with Ruby!

 Hosting a dinner party for his Mom and Nana

 Hosting a New Year's Eve party

 NYC on our way to the Statue of Liberty

 NYC at the Natural History Museum

 Halloween 2010 as Elvis and Pricsilla- totally cheesy!  Can you tell we live in Memphis?

 Vegas baby!

Thanksgiving 2010

Jamaica 2006

It was nice to spend some alone time with my hubby.  We both agreed to try to make it happen more often!  More updates on Anniston in a later post!

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  1. Joe and I are so glad that we waited 5 years to have a baby too! We are just about ready for our first date night :) Glad to hear that ya'll had fun!


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