Sunday, April 1, 2012

Annie's Rough Week

I'm still a little behind on my posts due to our internet being out for over a week, but I wanted to give an update on what all has been going on with Anniston this past week.  She has had a rough week but she has been such a trooper during it all!

Thursday before last I went to wake her up only to find she had gotten sick sometime during the night. We had fed her peas for dinner and they were everywhere!  I thought maybe something just didn't sit right with her tummy, so I didn't really do anything about it at the time.  The next night she threw up some carrots as I was changing her diaper in her crib.  I started to clean up the mess and moved her over to sleep in her swing the rest of the night.  Our swing is elevated so I felt better about her sleeping in there and not choking if she got sick again.  Saturday morning I made a last minute decision to take her the the doctor just to make sure nothing serious was going on.  I'm glad I did.  While we were in the waiting room I fed her a bottle and about 15 minutes later she started throwing up everywhere!  I had her in my lap, thankfully, but it got all over the place!  I was by myself and was so embarrassed.  It was all over her, me, the floor, and our diaper bag!  Thankfully, another mom came over to help me clean everything up.  I was so glad that I decided to take her in. 

I didn't get to see my doctor, but another physician in the group.  She looked at her throat and told me it was probably due to drainage of mucus mixing in with her formula and not sitting well in her little tummy.  I was a little skeptical but I went with it.  She threw up again Saturday night.  Sunday she had some diarrhea and Monday morning she threw up again.  I was very doubtful that this was due to "mucus" so I called in to work and Allie and I took her back to the doctor.  This time I was able to see my doctor!  After feeling of her tummy and giving her a thorough examination, my doctor seemed to think it was a little stomach bug.  She said it's been going around and it was quite possible it might last as long as a week or so.  I was so happy she gave me some anti-nausea medicine and said that everything should be fine. I was so worried that this might prevent her from getting her tubes put in on Wednesday, but she assured me it would be ok to still do them.  

Thursday we woke up super early for her surgery.  She seemed to be doing better and had only gotten sick once since Monday morning.  She did really well during the entire process.  She had to get a shot of Atropine before they took her back and she didn't even flinch!  I think it was because she was too tired to cry- she had been up since 4:30 am!  She was not a happy camper when she woke up from the anesthesia, though.  They warned us about this and said it would most likely be from disorientation rather than pain.  She cried and screamed and it just broke my heart.  She finally fell asleep on the way home and slept a good part of the afternoon away.

I'm so glad we decided to go ahead with the tubes- even though this week was probably the worst possible week to have this scheduled.  She was a trooper though.  I felt so sorry for her and for what all she has gone through this past week. I'm looking forward to a normal week with a healthy baby again!

 At the doctor's office Monday

Getting her tubes put in.  She had to wear this ridiculous yellow hospital gown with a her name tag on it.  I tried to tell her yellow was her color:)


  1. oh poor Anniston! I am glad she's feeling better@

  2. Awww poor girl! I hope the tubes help her a lot so she doesn't have any more ear issues.


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