Saturday, April 14, 2012


I don't think I've quite made it to "supermom" status yet, but I've sure been giving it a go.  This past week has been busy, hectic, fun, and crazy all at the same time.  Seriously- I don't know how single moms who work full time do it.  I've been a "single working mom" for a week now- and I've still got one more week to go!  It's possible I will be a zombie by next Friday.  That's when my husband comes home from his two week training course in Tulsa, OK.  In all seriousness, it hasn't been that bad.  Anniston and I have a lot of mommy-daughter time and I love it.  Here's a run down of how this week has gone:

Brandon left late afternoon on Easter Sunday.  A and I spent the afternoon hanging out with Brandon's dad, stepmom, and cousins.  We did reasonably well on sleep Sunday night (aside from the fact that 4 am was her wake-up time.)  I got 6 hours of sleep anyways and felt pretty chipper all day at work.  After picking A up from Kristi's we went on our first real jog!  She's able to sit up in the jogging stroller now and she absolutely loved riding in it.  She squealed and talked and enjoyed all the scenery.  We made it 1.5 miles without stopping.  I was pretty proud of myself- pushing my chunky monkey for 1.5 miles was hard- especially uphill!

Tuesday night after work we took it easy just playing around the house and relaxing.  I've had to be creative on ways to keep her entertained while I get things done around the house.  I was in the kitchen that night trying to make pasta salad to carry to work the next day and I had put her in her exersaucer so she could watch me.  She was starting to get fussy and squirmy and the only thing that made her stop fussing was for me to sing "I'm A Little Teapot" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" while dancing around the kitchen.  So here I was trying to cook, clean bottles, and pack her bag for the next day all while singing and dancing around the kitchen.  Who needs to run for a workout- I was exhausted after all that!

Wednesday night my mom came in town to pick her up for me and hang out with us that night so I could have a little break.  I went for a nice, relaxing 3 mile run. I honestly don't know how I mustered up the energy but it felt so good afterwards!  That night Mom played with Anniston while I folded laundry, did dishes, and cleaned up around the house.  I was so thankful she came down so I could get a few things done!

Thursday night I worked the late shift, so my mom picked A up and kept her until I got off work.  I really like working different shifts throughout the week- it gives variety to my week.  I had switched around with the other pharmacists so that I would mostly open these two weeks since Brandon was out of town.

This past week was my three day weekend- my favorite week!  I had promised Allie I would be her assistant on a photo shoot for one of my technician's little girl.  I took A on in to Kristi's that morning so I could actually help her without having to worry about Anniston.  The photo shoot went so well and was a lot of fun.  Afterwards, I took a bit of "Kelly" time before picking Anniston up.  Allie and I ate brunch together, shopped a bit, and scoped out the Botanic Gardens for some photo shoot ideas.  I was missing my baby girl and was looking forward to girls night in when I went to pick her up.

Saturday my mom and grandmom came in town to hang out with us for the day.  Anniston was in such a great mood!  She laughed and squealed at my grandmother and I had so much fun showing her all of Anniston's new tricks.  She took a good, long nap in grandmom's arms and I was able to clean out and organize her nursery.  I also made a trip to Target and Carter's that afternoon while they watched her for me.

Although Anniston and I have had fun spending some one-on-one time with each other, I ready for my husband to be home!  I had formulated a list of things to do once Anniston went to bed each night this week- things like organizing my pictures, ordering a collage of the Easter pics, blogging, etc.  But by the time she goes to bed my brain is mush and I'm useless.  I have only had enough energy to catch up with my mom and sister on the phone or lie in bed and watch tv.  Most nights I have been in bed by 9 pm.  Next week is going to be just as crazy- we have some play dates planned, A's 6 month shots, and a check-up with her ear doctor.  Whew!  Sorry for the long post- I'm making up for my lack of posts this week!

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  1. Glad to hear that everything went well. I had a week where Joe was gone for 4 days and it was hard not having him around to help.


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