Friday, April 6, 2012

Fahion Friday- A's Favorite Places to Shop

I thought it would be fun to do a Fashion Friday focusing on some of my favorite places to buy clotes for Anniston.  I absolutely love shopping for my sweet girl.  It's sometimes more fun to buy stuff for her than me!  I've discovered a lot of cute websites and have been very pleased with most of my purchases.  Here are a couple of places that we love to shop from:

1.  Ruffle Butts- I'm a huge fan of ruffled bloomers and this place has adorable "ruffle butts" and swing tops.  I think they are so fun and easy to wear.  Prices are not too bad, either.  Here is A in her grape ruffle butts outfit:

2.  Carter's- I love all the cotton tops and leggings they have.  These are our go-to everyday outfits for Kristi's (our babysitter).  They are cute, not too expensive, and comfortable.  We have a Carter's that recently opened here in Memphis, but I also buy them at Macy's as well.  Here are some of my favs:

3.  Target- I have been very surprised at the quality and styles of baby clothes at Target.  I don't know why- I'm a huge fan of Target clothes for me.  They are super cheap, so I don't feel guilty if she only wears an outfit a time or two.  Here are a couple of outfits that we scored at Target that A currently owns:

4.  Ragsland- I recently discovered this website a couple of months ago.  I just bought A's first outfit from there.  It's a little more expensive but it's a great place to buy from for a special occasion outfit.  Here is what I purchased:

5.  Smocked Auctions- I know everyone is tired of me talking about my Facebook auctions but I can't help it!  Maybe it's the thrill of the auction.  Who knows.  They have great deals on smocked dresses, bubbles, and swimsuits.  I like smocked dresses for some occasions, but I'm not one to buy a lot for her to wear all the time.  I do, however, LOVE bubbles!  This isn't the exact one I purchased, but it's very similar:

I also have bought several new spring outfits from Spoiled Sweet- a local children's boutique here.  This is where I bought her crocheted sun hats and her Easter dress came from.  They are very expensive, so I try to limit my purchases from there.  Same goes for Blessed Be The Name and Kelly's Kids- both online boutiques (unless you can find a trunk show.)  As far as headbands go, I buy them all from Etsy!  A couple of my favorite sellers for A's headbands are:  Ava's Tutu Cute Boutique, Baby Hair Delights, Two Little Wrens, and Sweet Avalyn Boutique.  I have also bought a fabulous assorted color package of interchangeable headbands from The Hot Polka Dot.  I love them because you can clip whatever bow or flower you want to them and it looks like a completely different headband!

I love dressing my little girl and buying adorable outfits for her!  If any of you have recommendations on any other cute places to shop, please let me know!  I love finding new shops!

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