Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Favorites!

1. SHARPIE PENS- I am so picky about which pens I use at work. They have to have a fine tip so I can write neatly and they ABSOLUTELY cannot smudge! These types of pens are hard to come by! The sharpie pens are amazing. I feel my handwriting is so neat when I write with them. I get ill if someone takes it from me at work; everyone knows they are MY pens:)

2. Origins VITAZING- this stuff is AMAZING! It's a moisturizer that is slightly tinted to even out your skin tone. When I put this on before I put on my Bare Minerals foundation, I feel like I get such a better coverage. I even wear the Vitazing by itself some days with just a little face powder and blush on top.

3. KASHI GO LEAN PROTEIN BARS- This has been an old favorite of mine but I recently started eating them again. They are pretty low in calorie for a protein bar and taste so good! My favorite is the caramel:)

4. P90X- It has been a couple of months since I was consistent with my weight training. I am so glad I've gotten back into it though. I still like to go to the gym and lift weights or use the machines there, but this is great to rotate in your workout schedule so you can mix it up!

5. AHHHH: MCDONALD'S CARAMEL FRAPPE- I need rehab to wean myself off of these! I have recently downsized from a medium to a small so I feel that's improvement. I try to only get them a couple times per week but it is HARD! They are so delicious. I never eat the whip cream with the caramel drizzle so I can justify that it's fewer calories that way:)

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