Sunday, February 24, 2013

Date Night & Weekend Projects

The "project list" over here at the Medling house seems a mile long but Brandon and I were able to knock a few of the small ones off the list this weekend.

First, we needed an organized way to store all of our coupons.  I do like to carry the coupons that I use when out on a regular shopping trip with me in my purse, but we also have a lot of restaurant/entertainment/home improvement coupons that I don't want to lug around with me all the time.  I found a super cute magazine holder at the $1 section at Target, paired that up with some file pockets, used my awesome label maker and voila!

Happy dance that our coupons are so organized!  I also labeled and organized the coupon holder that I carry around with me in my purse and, since I was on a roll, made another one for receipts:

Yep- I totally had a good 45 minutes of fun with my label maker!

I'm also working on organizing the shoes in my closet.  I tried really, really hard to clean out as many shoes as I could.  As I tell the hubs, I'm aware there are some shoes I haven't worn in over a year. But they are so, so cute still and it's possible I might wear them someday.

Anyways, I was fortunate that the closet in our new house came with these awesome built in shelves- perfect for my shoes!!  I'm in the process of labeling them all now.  I ran out of labels, but you can see how it's going to look:

I still have boots that are in the other shelf in my closet, so that will be next!

I also lined all of my kitchen cabinets and drawers with pretty liners:

And found a fun pattern to use in Anniston's cabinet:

Just, ya know, a little bit of happy when you open a drawer or cabinet!

In between all the organizing madness, we took some goofy pics:

Brandon and I also had a date night Saturday night.  My SIL and her twin girls came over to watch Anniston for us while B and I enjoyed a couple of hours out by ourselves.  It was glorious and Anniston had a blast playing with her cousins.

Sunday morning we spent some time working on our spare bedrooms and then headed to church.  After a huge brunch with B's mom and Nana, our tummies were full so we headed home to nap.  And nap we did!  I blogged/internet shopped for about the first hour of A's nap, but then I snuggled up next to her in our big bed and fell asleep too.  By the time we woke up, all we had time for was a quick trip to Target and then back home to eat dinner.  Fabulous weekend!!

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