Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Settled

We are finally settling back into a normal routine!  We are no longer living out of boxes- most everything is unpacked and (for the most part) where we want it.  A HUGE thank you to my awesome, wonderful parents for helping us so much during this past month.  We could not have done it all without their help.  They have driven into town the last 4 weekends to help with Annie and to help us unpack and get organized.  Thank you Mom and Dad!!

Yes, there are still things I want to buy and organizing I want to do, but all of that will come with time.  This past weekend we focused on "hanging."  We My Dad and Brandon hung pictures and curtains all day long.  It is really starting to feel warm and cozy and like HOME!  I'm loving it.

My cousin was also home for the first time since starting military school so my aunt, uncle, grandmother, and other cousin all came into town to see the house and visit with us.  We ordered out Mellow Mushroom and all gathered in my new kitchen to eat and chit chat.  Can I just say now how much I LOVE my new kitchen?  We ALL ate in there and didn't feel as if we were on top of each other like we would have in my old house.  It was pushing it to even get 4 people in my old kitchen comfortably. It was so much fun to have people over for the first time.  I can't wait for more get-togethers here!  I promise pics will come soon!

Miss Anniston is LOVING all the extra space to play.  She has been so funny here lately- running around the house and talking like crazy!  Her vocabulary has just exploded these last 2 weeks!  Some of her new words include:  Poppy, Go, Bye Bye, Elmo, Cracker, Ruby, Ball, Abc, and Uh-oh.  She started saying "Abc" because she LOVES the alphabet song.  She has this bucket of foam alphabets and she absolutely loves to play with them.  She will take them out of the bucket one at a time and hand them to me so I can tell her what letter it is.  She calls the alphabet letters her "Abc's."  It is so stinking cute!  She is growing up so fast!

All photos taken by my sister, Allie.

Friday night Allie came over to take some pics of Anniston out in our front yard.  Anniston and Ruby loved running around the yard.  It is so nice to live in a cove.  We never played in the font yard at our old house because we lived on such a busy street.  We then all went out to eat at our new favorite restaurant in our neighborhood, Mellow Mushroom.  Anniston was full of energy and personality:

Sunday we tried out a new church close by our house.  We sat up in the balcony in case Anniston got fussy but she actually did really well.  She read her books and ate a snack and started dancing when the music came on!  Ha!  Good thing we were sitting in the balcony!

We went to Target later that afternoon and now that she has learned to say "uh-oh" she wants to say and apply it all the time.  She would drop things out of my shopping cart just so she could say "uh-oh."  It was cute the first 3 times.  The last 15?  Not so much.

I have to post one more pic of Anniston and her new princess vanity.  I went to a consignment sale a couple of weeks ago and scored this for $27.00!  I have a vanity in our new bathroom and so Anniston always watches me get ready in the mornings.  I got her this so she could sit at her vanity and we could get ready together:)  She loves it and she looks so cute sitting on it beside me in the mornings.  She will blow dry her hair along with me and sometimes I give her one of my makeup brushes to play with while I do my makeup.

That's about all I've got for today.  Gearing up for a great week ahead and another weekend off!  Yay!

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