Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Pallet Board

I thought I'd share a little house project that we just finished up.  When we started packing and moving I searched Pinterest like a crazy person (still do) looking for ideas and inspirations for the new house.  Our mudroom is quite big, but it wasn't laid out properly for a bench.  I had to get creative if I wanted to make good use of the space.

While browsing Pinterest I found this pic:

Adorable AND unique.  I knew right away I wanted this.  Slight problem though. Who was going to build it?  Myself and Brandon?  Ha ha, yeah right.  The hubster is good at many things but DIY-ing is not one of them!  Thank goodness for my DAD!  He is handy and oh so good at stuff like this!

Here is our version:

We didn't actually use a pallet.  Instead my dad just bought the wood, built it to look like an actual pallet, and then painted it.  It's smoother than an actual pallet would be and it also doesn't stick out as far from the wall.  Genius, dad!  I bought an assortment of knobs and over-the-counter hooks from Lowe's and Target and sporadically placed them around.  

He also installed a little shoe rack- which is also expandable, by the way.  I placed a cute rug I found from Target, and some canvas baskets (to hold some of Anniston's shoes) and bam!  Perfect!

Love the way this turned out!  Thanks a million, Dad:)!!

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