Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekend Fun: Pizza + S'more Party

My three day weekend.  Finally.  I worked 6 days straight last week and I was past ready for some time off to spend with the fam. 

We kicked off Friday with a little shopping trip for Christmas supplies since I wanted to get our holiday decorations up.  (Yes, I realize it's early.)  Allie joined us and Annie had a blast at Hobby Lobby looking at the trees, snow globes, and toy soldiers.  We then had a yummy lunch at Huey's before Annie crashed for a whopping 3 hour nap.  In the meantime, I started on my Christmas decorating.  This is the first year we are hosting Christmas and I want the house to look fun and festive. 

Isn't her little side ponytail the cutest?  I'm now obsessed!

We took it easy Friday afternoon, playing around the house and such.  Annie is really into cleaning things right now.  She gets in trouble a lot with her wet wipes.  She constantly wants to get them out and clean stuff.  I'm all about promoting her cleaning things, but she seems to need the entire box of wet wipes in order to properly clean.  I found her in her bedroom Friday morning surrounded by all of her bows and an empty box of wet wipes (empty because she had taken them all out).  She was wiping down her bows.  When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "Cleaning bows, Mommy."  I couldn't do anything but laugh. 

We tried out a new restaurant Friday night with Allie and Brandon called Noodles.  It was pretty good and Annie had fun eating with both Allie and Brandon.  After Anniston went to sleep, Brandon and I stayed up late putting up the tree while listening to Christmas music.  Christmas décor pics to come soon!  I know we are way early but I work the weekend after Thanksgiving, so it would only be about 3 weeks before Christmas before I would have another free weekend! 

Ready for dinner stylin' in her fringe boots and Gap shirt:)  Oh yes, and the side ponytail completes the look!

Saturday morning we ran errands around town, looking for garland for our outside Christmas decorations.  Annie was so pooped when we got home that she took yet another 3 hour nap.  Gotta love nap time! 

Saturday night we had our friends Jullee, Mike and Ava and Sarah, Joe, and Sally over for a pizza and s'mores party.  I love entertaining in this house and it was so nice to sit back and relax with some good friends after a long and busy week.  We all had a great time and Annie loved the s'mores- if you can't tell:)

I slept in Sunday morning- longer than I have slept in months!  A big thank you to my awesome husband:)  I've been up late almost every night this week trying to keep up with house work and such since I worked so much this past week.  I apparently needed the sleep:) 

Anniston is going to be all about Frosty the Snowman this year it seems.  We all piled up on the couch this morning to watch it- twice.  She was so into it.  And she loves to sing the song.  At our trip to Target this morning I gave her the choice of a Santa, Rudolph, or Frosty sippy cup.  She yells "Frosty" for all of Target to hear.  She was so excited about it and immediately had to have some milk in it when we got home. 

The rest of our Sunday was pretty lazy and uneventful.  We lounged around after nap, playing and watching cartoons.  I'm gearing up for a busy week ahead and getting ready for Thanksgiving!

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