Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anniston is 8 Months!

My Sweet Anniston,

It feels like I just posted your 7 month letter!  Where does the time go?  It flies when you're having fun- and that's what we've been doing for sure!  You are at such a fun age right now.  We talk and play and run errands together.  I LOVE spending my days with you!

You are doing so many new things this month that I have to mention.  The first thing you learned to do this month was to go from sitting to all fours and vice versa.  Once you had that down that is all you wanted to do.  You could even make it across the play mat by just doing that!  After a few weeks of that you began CRAWLING!  You would take a few steps the week before Memorial Day but were still unsure of it.  You were still wobbly and a little uncoordinated but we practiced every day.  By the next week you had it down pat!  You are such a fast learner.  Your Aunt Allie and I underestimated you one time and it led to a big spill of a diet coke can!  We learned our lesson though after that.

You have really began to enjoy your playpen more this month.  It makes me happy that you are content to play independently for a bit so I can put a load in the washer, eat breakfast or dinner, or just do whatever I need to do around the house.  Sometimes you will fuss for a minute when I put you in there but once you realize I'm not going to pick you back up you then get distracted by all the toys you have in there and you have fun playing with them.

You have also started pulling up to standing!  This really started at the end of the month and you were very unsteady on your feet but you loved doing it.  One morning I came in your nursery and found you holding onto the railing standing up!  You had the cutest grin on your face and were so proud of yourself.

You love to go places!  We go to Target all the time because you have so much fun sitting up in the cart like a big girl and looking around at everything.  You will even giggle for no reason just because you're having so much fun.  You love to go down the toy aisle and look at all the toys on display.  Some of them make sounds as we walk by and that just cracks you up!  Your dad and I take you out to restaurants quite often now and we have the best time.  You love to eat when we eat and you enjoy sitting in your highchair looking around at everything.  You are usually very good and it makes for a fun family outing!

You have started "dancing" this month as well.  Sometimes at night we put on music and dad and I will sing along.  You will bounce up and down to the music and smile and giggle.  It is so cute!  You also love riding in the jogging stroller while I run, playing in your swimming pool, and swinging in your swing set.  You also love to sit beside Dad at night on the couch and watch Pardon The Interruption or soccer with him.  You love it when he gets really into the games and gets excited about a goal.  You will smile and giggle when he yells out in excitement.  It is so funny!  You and I have started watching So You Think You Can Dance together because I think you are going to love to dance:)

You are growing so fast!  You weigh 21.3 lbs and are 27.5 inches tall.  You wear mostly 9 month clothes but can fit in some 12 month clothes.  You are wearing a size 3 diaper now (although you have a lot of room to grow) and a size 4 nighttime diaper.

Your sleeping has gotten so much better!  Bedtime is 7:30 pm.  Sometimes you will wake in the middle of the night for a bottle but you will usually go right back to bed afterwards.  Sometimes you don't wake at all and will sleep all night!  You have been better at sleeping until 5/5:30 am when it is usually time for us to wake up.  If you wake before that and seem restless then I will put you in bed with me to doze for a little while longer.  When I'm off work we both will lie down in the afternoons and take a nap together.  I love our snuggle time and holding you in my arms while you sleep.

You are taking four 5 oz bottles a day with one 6 oz bottle before bedtime.  You eat solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You have still been unsure of any table food we have tried to give you.  You make a horrible face and act like it is the yuckiest thing on earth.  It's getting better though!  You take a little juice or water in a sippy cup around dinnertime.  You have started drinking water better than you do juice so we have started switching to that.

You are growing up so fast that sometimes I get sad but then I have so much fun watching you learn new things that it makes up for it.  Each day gets better and better.  I thank God every night that he brought me you.  You are so perfect and beautiful in my eyes and I feel so lucky that I get to be your Mommy.

I love you baby girl!

Hugs and kisses,

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