Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Trip Home

Anniston and I drove to Jackson, TN today to spend part of the day with my family.  It's been almost 4 months since we have made the trip and this was the first time I have driven with her by myself.  I will admit I was a tinsy bit worried she would get bored or restless and start screaming her head off while we were on the interstate and it would send me into a panic but really, I knew she would do fine.

She slept about 75% of the time and when she woke up and started squirming I quickly plugged in my iPod so we could jam out to "I'm A Little Teapot."  We only had to listen to it about 5 or 6 times before we reached Jackson.  Considering I did not want to throw the "I'm A Little Teapot playing iPod" out the window before we got there I would say it was a successful trip!

We met my mom at her work so she could show Anniston off to all her co-workers.  They've all seen her before, but it was when she was just a month or two old.  She is such a little ham- and so good natured.  She let anyone and everyone hold her and when someone would smile and talk to her she would just grin right back.  We also went to see my aunt Nancy, who works there as well and then we all headed over to her house to meet my grandmother for lunch.

We played hard after lunch so she would be good and worn out on the trip back.  They were all amazed at how much better she is pulling up now.  She is able to keep her balance better now and has gotten faster at pulling herself up.  We all had a lot of fun playing with her.

Playing peek-a-boo with Kay Kay...

Tickle fest on the couch with Great-Grandmother and Aunt Nancy...

Ooh, I love these bright, shiny buttons and necklace you have on....

She was definitely worn out after all that playing.  We stopped by my dad's work on the way out of town, and she had already fallen alseep.  I woke her up (slight mistake!) so my dad could see her thinking she would fall back asleep on the way home.  Nope.  She squirmed and fussed until I finally pulled over about halfway to Memphis and gave her a bottle to relax her a bit.  She finally fell asleep right outside of Memphis.  All in all- it was a very good trip.  She did very well for so much driving back and forth in one day!

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