Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Little Cheerio Eating Puller-Upper

Forget crawling- all Anniston wants to do these days is pull up- on everything.  She is going to give me a heart attack one of these days and I have a feeling this is just the beginning!  I can't leave her side for one minute when she is down on the floor because she will find something, anything, to pull up on.  She is still very unstable and cannot last long standing up so I have to be right beside her for fear of her falling and hurting herself.  She has already had one little bruise on her forehead but so far hasn't cried or gotten upset any of the times she has fallen or bumped her head.  She's one tough little girl.

This weekend is the St. Jude Classic golf tournament in Memphis.  This is a really big deal for the city because #1- tons of famous pro golfers are in the city and #2- it supports St. Jude!  Brandon has a friend that works the tournament so he came in town for the weekend.  Brandon's been busy hanging out at the golf course with him and taking him to some great BBQ restaurants.  I'm not at all into golf but it is scary how much I know about the sport and most of the popular players- I blame it on having to hear Brandon talk about it all the time!  I will say that my favorite player is Rory McIlroy- Brandon and I both love him! I also love saying his name- it's just fun! I'm so jealous that Brandon got to watch him play in person this weekend!

My mom and grandmom were nice enough to come into town Friday night to pick up Anniston and keep her while I worked and Brandon went to the tournament.  They had a lot of fun keeping her and seeing her pull up on everything.

Anniston is now a Cheerio addict!  So far she hasn't been all too interested in real people food.  She makes a horrible face with everything I've tried to give her.  I decided to try some Cheerios the other day and she LOVED them!  She even really "chews" on them.  We went to dinner with a friend Saturday night and I gave her some while at dinner.  She would fuss and fuss if I stopped giving them to her.  She was chewing on them so much my friend asked, "Does she have any teeth?"  "Nope," I said.  "She's just gummin' them!"  I think she likes to think she's being a big girl by eating and chewing like Mommy and Daddy do!  Ha ha.

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  1. O man, this is just the beginning! Soon she will be pulling up, then pulling everything off. We are in that phase with B now. Glad you got some time away!


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