Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anniston is 11 Months!


I don't feel as if you are my little baby anymore!  Instead, you are a mini person, talking and walking all over the place!  You are so entertaining these days.  I think you know you are pretty much the center of attention at all times and you like to ham it up!  You have such a sweet personality and I feel so blessed to have you.

This past month you have really taken off- literally!  You walk all over the place now.  You have such good balance and pretty much walk all the way from the den to your bedroom!  You have learned how to squat without sitting down and are able to just stand right back up!  We've had to invest in some baby gates because you like to go from room to room- walking and talking!

Aunt Allie and I went to get you your first real pair of shoes.  I was a little worried you wouldn't like them because you have grown accustomed to walking barefoot.  I guess you take after your Mommy because you love shoes!  You were walking around the shoe store picking out your favorites:)

You have learned new sounds and words this past month.  My personal favorite- "Mama."  The other night, you were tired and hungry so I gave you to Daddy so I could prepare your bottle.  You started crying and yelled out "Mama" as I was walking away.  It broke my heart in pieces!  That was probably the most distinctive time you have said my name to date.

I've had to rearrange several drawers and cabinets to satisfy your curiosity.  You love to open a drawer and pull out all it's contents.  The bathroom looks like a tornado hit it every morning after I finish getting ready for work.  You also love the tupperware drawer in the kitchen and your cabinet that holds all your food, bowls, and spoons.  You can pretty much pull everything out of there in 30 seconds flat.

You love to share your toys with people.  As you are pulling things out of your toy box or a drawer, you like to hand each item to me.  I say "Thank you for sharing that with me" and you smile really big.  You also like to share your puffs with me and Daddy.  It is so sweet.  Once, you tried to give me your pacifier, in which case I politely decline:)

You love to eat table food!  Any time Dad and I are eating you have to have a bite of it!  One time I was eating something I didn't want you to have and you plopped down on the floor in front of me and starting crying because I wouldn't give you any.  That was the first time I have seen you throw a little temper tantrum when you didn't get what you wanted.

You have slimmed down so much since you have started walking.  You weigh about 22 lbs and are 27 inches tall.  You are still wearing 12 month clothes and some 18 month clothes.  You are still in a size 3 diaper.

You take 4 bottles a day at breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon, and night.  We feed you either baby food or table food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Sometimes I will give you puffs for a snack- which you LOVE.  The banana and apple flavored ones are your favorite.

I can see the beginnings of your top front teeth making their way in!  Hopefully it won't be too much longer!

Your sleeping has been so good this past month.  Many mornings you have slept until 6 or 6:30 and one morning you slept until 7 am!  It was a miracle!  Mostly you still wake up once during the night but there have been several times you have slept 9 or 10 hours straight!

I am the luckiest Mommy in the world because you are my daughter.  You have such a sweet, loving personality and I honestly don't think God could have given me anyone better than you!  I love you so, so much Annie Ruth!

Happy 11 months baby girl!


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