Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Fun

This was a weekend filled with birthday parties! We had two to attend- my friend Emily's daughter, Olivia turned 3 and had a huge bash at our local Little Gym.

I so wish I had pics to post from Anniston's first "little kids" birthday party.  Unfortunately, I was so busy tending to her and chasing her around I just didn't have the energy or time!  She had a blast!  Anniston loves little kids and she had so much fun watching them run and jump around.  When they blew up the big air mattress thingy for the kids to jump on Anniston started bouncing up and down too!  She smiled and waved at all the kids.  I hope she stays this friendly.  Once the kids when in to eat their cupcakes and ice cream I let Anniston walk around and play some.  I was too scared she was going to get run over by the crazy and hyper kids so I made her stay out of the way while they were playing.  She did so good to sit in my lap and just watch them play.  I love my sweet girl!

Tonight we celebrated Brandon's 35th birthday with his family.  His actual birthday isn't until Tuesday, but we all got together tonight and went to eat at Caraba's restaurant.  Anniston looked so cute in one of her new Tea Collection dresses.  She was her usual friendly, outgoing self tonight.  She waved at everyone around the table and then some people that were sitting close by us. She was really good for quite a few people wanting to hold her and pass her around.  She is always a little clingy to me at first but once she warms up to everyone she is super friendly and will let most anyone hold her.

Sorry for the tiny pictures- these were all with my phone and are blurry when I make them bigger.  Next time I will have to remember to use Instagram!

I'm trying to get her to use her sippy cup by herself- she can do it, but seems to always want me to hold it for her.  Tonight when she got thirsty, she would take her sippy cup and and open up my hand and put it in there.  It was really cute and hopefully she will get to where she does it by herself!

We also took a family trip out to Collierville on Saturday for some shopping.  We went to one of my absolute favorite stores- Itty Bitty Bella.  They have just started to carry Persnickety clothing and once I saw that I knew I was in trouble.  I LOVE their clothing!  They clothes are super expensive but the girly, vintage look is just so darn cute!  I ended up with a dress from Persnickety and these little boots from Livie and Luca:

I also bought these cute little shoes:

The rest of the weekend we just hung out around the house, letting Anniston play, washing clothes, cleaning up a bit, etc.  A great weekend in my book!


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