Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today We:

-went to the pediatrician.  It seems we have been there almost every week for the past 4 weeks.  We are having a hard time getting this ear infection to go away.  Thankfully, the tubes seem to not make her ears hurt her as bad so she hasn't been too fussy.

-put on a performance at the pediatrician's office.  Seriously- she was hamming it up to everyone in the waiting room.  She was walking all around, giggling, and stopping in front of people to wave at them.  I chased her all over the place- which she loves- so that only made her laugh harder and walk faster.  My morning workout was complete...

-went to Target for a gift for a birthday party we are attending Saturday.  I figured if Anniston saw something she wanted, we would be walking away with a toy of our own, but she was too busy dancing and bouncing up and down to the music coming from the electronic department to really have much interest in the toys around her!  Seriously, this girl loves to dance!

-met Aunt Allie for lunch.  We ate at a Mexican place so I was a little limited on foods to feed Anniston.  We gave her some avocado (which she's had before and LOVES) and tried some black beans for the first time.  She was all about the black beans!  We had to cut her off because it was time for us to leave.  This girl can also put away some food!

-played outside in the grass.  It was such a beautiful day today so we just had to get outside.  Allie and I pushed her around on her little car and let her walk around in our front yard.  She had a lot of fun getting outside!

-played inside some.  Her new favorite game to play is to pretend she's giving you an object only to jerk it away from you once you reach your hand out to take it.  Then she erupts in a fit of giggles.  We played this game for at least 20 minutes.  She also has two new favorite books that she loves for me read over, and over, and over!  One is a little shapes book and the other is a farm animals book.  She loves it when I make the sounds of all the animals in the book.  I say "The End" when I finish and then hand the book back over to her.  She takes it and looks at it for a minute and then hands it right back to me to read again.  I think we broke a record today of about 6 times straight!

I had the best day hanging out with Allie and my baby girl.  It's nice to push my To Do list to the side for a day and fully focus on some quality time with her.  Here are some pics from our day:

Playing outside:

Play time after bath:

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