Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter 2013

I know Easter was weeks ago but I am terribly behind on posts.  I still wanted to go back and document our Easter because this was the "Easter Bunny's" first visit.

Our Easter was not anything like we had planned.  The Tuesday before, I started running a low grade fever.  Thinking that it was probably one of those 24 hour bugs, I rested up that day only to feel even worse on Wednesday.  Brandon had it too.  By Wednesday we were both achy all over and very weak.  I was then running fever of about 101.  I had to call in to work both Wednesday and Thursday!  I ran fever up until late Friday afternoon.  It wasn't until Sunday that I finally felt somewhat human again.  But I was still very weak and didn't have much energy.  Running fever for 4 days really takes it out of you!  Luckily, Anniston stayed well.  But all our Easter plans were cancelled.

We had planned to head out to the Collierville Square for an Easter egg hunt and a visit with the Easter Bunny on Friday, then to have a family get together with Brandon's dad and stepmom later that night.  Usually we go to church with Brandon's mom, Nana, and sister on Easter Sunday and then usually have a nice brunch afterwards. But we stayed home instead.   I had even bought Anniston the cutest Easter outfit (that I ended up returning.)  Regardless of our no-plan Easter, the Easter bunny still made a very impressive visit to the Medling house!

It was so fun to see the look on her face when she saw what all the Easter Bunny had left her.  Hopefully next year we can do some of the things we missed out on this year:)

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