Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Days Like Today Make Me Smile

I know I have been MIA on here.  I have a ton of posts I want to catch up on and document and hopefully I will get around to it within the week.

We have been super busy around here but today I got to enjoy most of the day devoting 100% of my attention to my precious baby girl.  And it was great.  Fantastic, even.  Working so much and being so busy around the house stinks sometimes, but it does make days like this all the more precious.  I don't want to forget the simple days like this- no big event happening- just us hanging out and having fun.  And that is why I blog (it's not like that many people read this anyway!).  I blog so I don't forget the days like today:)

We went out for a special treat this afternoon and had ourselves some ice cream.  Anniston's had a couple of bites here and there before (and milkshakes thanks to my mom and dad) but she's never had her own serving before.  We headed up to Baskin Robbins and chose the Very Berry Strawberry.  She LOVED it!  She loves anything cold though- ice cubes being her favorite.  Look at her big mouthful!

After our ice cream, we headed back home to play outside since the weather was awesome today.  I put her hair up in her first ever ponytail and it looked so stinking cute on her.  She loves for me to play with and fix her hair too!
Annie's first ponytail:

This girl LOVES to play outside in our backyard.  I'm so glad we moved before spring and summer hit because our last house did not have a great backyard.  I'm on a mission this weekend to get her some fun outdoor toys!

Today we played on her playground and with her new tricycle that Poppy and Kay Kay gave her this past weekend:

Her feet don't reach the pedals yet, but she loves to push it around and put stuff in the hidden compartment underneath the seat.  She has some of her foam alphabets or "ABCs" as she calls them stored in there now.  She would get them out one by one and hand them to me and then put them back underneath the seat (one by one.)  That took up a good 10 minutes.

Then we spontaneously decided to have a dance party:

Look at all those moves!  One would think that we turned on some really jammin' music to get her to dance like this.  Nope.  Just a little bad version of the alphabet song sung by Mommy.  Yep- that's all it takes to get her hips swinging!

And we even dropped it like it's hot:

Annie was so tired after all that dancing that she took a load off and let me push her around in her car:

We also played with her new favorite thing- bubbles!  She loves trying to catch them.  Brandon was home shortly after that and to celebrate our good day we all went out for Mexican!  Anniston had apparently worked up an appetite because she inhaled her food!

Today was one of the best days.  And it got even better when after bath Anniston ran up to me and threw her arms around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  Melts my heart, I tell you!

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