Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Fun Day

Brandon and I both had the day off on Thursday so we wanted to plan a fun family outing.  Unfortunately, the weather was too cold to do anything outside so we decided to take Anniston to the Children's Museum.  We first had to go to Anniston's 3 week post-op check up to make sure her ears were doing well.  They were!  Yay- she had 2 happy ears which earned her a sucker.  Her first one ever and she LOVED it!

Then we headed off to the Children's Museum:

It was really fun and they had things for children of all ages.  Annie found plenty of stuff to entertain her.  For instance:

The disco dance floor:

Complete with strobe lights and a disco ball, this little dance floor took you right back to the '70's.  And we all know how much Miss Annie loves to show off her moves.  She was getting down!  They had mirrors lining the wall so every so often she would pause from her dancing to wave at herself in the mirror and say hey:)

They also had a little play area with a castle and slide that she loved climbing around on.

But I think her favorite was the mini Kroger grocery store.  Once Brandon showed her what to do with the shopping cart she was off!  And in a hurry.  Apparently she knew of some big sale...

Sorry it's a little blurry- she was going fast people!

Anyone remember that game show called Supermarket Sweep?  She would do well on that show.

Apparently one can never have too much laundry detergent.  She tried to haul 3 of those in her cart.  I had to sneak one out and put it back up because she was running out of room.  Why she put 3 of those in her cart when she only put 1 of everything else?  Who knows.  

Then it was time to check out her groceries.  I knew she was going to love this part since she loves pressing computer keys so much.

We stopped by for some lunch at Jason's Deli.  This little girl was so excited to get some milk. 

Great day!
(And thanks, Allie, for the pics!)

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