Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Stuff

-We are SO ready for spring here at the Medling house.  Actually, we are ready for any weather warm enough to be able to swim in our pool!  We have an awesome pool at our new house and I can't wait for summer days spent playing outside and having fun in the water.

-It was warmer this weekend than it has been in awhile so Anniston and I took full advantage and spent some time playing on the playground in our backyard.  Oh yeah- our new house has one of those too!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE our new house?

Annie had the best time- I think we went down the slide about 20 times!

-Anniston has been all about her stuffed animals lately.

Example #1:

Yes, we had to get every stuffed animal that was in that room and sit on her "sofa" AKA Ruby's bed.  The pout is because it was early in the morning and she hadn't fully woken up yet.

Example #2:

She now has to ride with the little dog she got at the hospital when she had surgery.  How cute is this?

-We made a trip to Costco Saturday morning and they had TONS of spring and pool toys.  They had beach towels for a good price so I decided to stock up on a few.  We had never really needed that many before now!  Annie saw a Disney princess pink one and snatched it up.  She held it for the rest of the shopping trip like she was afraid I was going to take it away from her.

-Anniston is at a really fun age right now, but it's also sometimes frustrating because she has trouble communicating what she wants.  She's getting better at it though.  For instance, Saturday afternoon we were playing in the family room and she kept pointing to the kitchen. I ask her to show me what she wants.  She takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen, opens the fridge (with my help), and pulls out her milk jug and sippy cup.

 Yay for her actually showing me what she wants instead of us playing the guessing game- which usually ends up with her fussing when I don't get it right!:)

-We bought tickets this past week for Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music at the Fed Ex Forum in April. I am so pumped to take Anniston!  She LOVES Elmo.  She went through a phase of saying "Melmo" but now (most times) she can actually say it without the M!  I think she is going to love it.

-I promise I'm not purposly treating Anniston bad habits but monkey see, monkey do.....
So we all know I have a Diet Coke problem obsession.  She loves to try and snatch the bottles- I usually grab them before she can get them but this time I rinsed one out and let her have it.  And this is what she does with it....shame on me, I guess.  Luckily this girl LOVES her water and milk and I hope it stays that way!

-Annie also helped me with laundry on Sunday morning:

She is such a good helper:)

-We did our weekly Target trip and I let Annie pick out a bunny since she is so into stuffed animals right now.

-She played with her baby doll and stroller too.  Pushed it all around the house Sunday morning.  Doesn't matter if anything is in her way- you better move, 'cause she's coming through anyway!

-It was rainy on Sunday afternoon so we spent some time playing in the playroom, napping, cleaning, etc.  Perfect day for some family time at home:)!

-I have one more week before my first vacation week of the year starts.  We are opening our store that same week so I will be doing some work related stuff (and getting a nice overtime check in the meantime.)  Brandon also took off a couple of days so I'm excited to plan some fun things for us to do!

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