Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Fancy Party and An All Nighter

Apparently, (even in my old age) I've still got what it takes to pull an all-nighter.  Barely:)  And no, it wasn't because I out hitting up all the hot night spots in town.  I was working.  Until 4 am.  Yes, I'm crazy.  Let me explain:

The little old Kroger I work at just got an upgrade! We now have a brand new, state of the art, gigantic store!  To think that the little and not very busy pharmacy I first started at has evolved to this is crazy!  I couldn't be more excited. They will be tearing down the old one to make room for additional parking in the next few months.  I've been waiting for this day longer than anyone else back in the pharmacy.  The new store is the "flagship" Kroger for the Memphis area.  Take my word for it- it's a big deal!  I'm so happy to get a new pharmacy that is nice, clean, has it's own air condition, etc.  Our old one was so tiny and OLD!  A teeny tiny part of me is sad to see the old one go but then I think about all the high tech equipment and fancy decor we have now and the moment passes:)

Since this store opening is such a big deal in the community, there have been lots of social events and parties this past week to celebrate.  Tuesday night was the fancy, come get an exclusive preview of the store party.  It was invitation only- important corporate people, department managers, city and county officials, small community business owners, and 100 of our top Kroger customers.  I was so thrilled I got to be there!  It was a lot of fun.  I wore this outfit:

I got a TON of compliments on my shirt!  In case you didn't recognize it, this is the same outfit I wore to Anniston's first birthday party.  I was glad I didn't have to buy anything new plus it gave me another chance to get some wear out of this outfit- which I heart, by the way!

The grand store opening was Wednesday morning so we had to move the pharmacy overnight on Tuesday night.  Of course I volunteered to help since I'm on vacation this week.  Which basically meant I could sleep all day the next day because I didn't have to work!   And, oh yeah, OVERTIME $$$!  Let's not forget the main reason I volunteered- he he:)

We started moving after the party (about 8 pm) and were finished with the drugs and files by 1:30 am. Here is the "drug parade" across the parking lot:

 After that, we had to sit around and wait for IT to finish transferring all the data files from the old pharmacy to the new one. The few of us that were still left at that hour went to sleep on the floor of the pharmacy while we waited.  Around 3:30 we were told to go on home because they were having some problems with the transfer.  I ended up getting home and in bed around 4 am.  I was exhausted!

 Since I'm on vacation this week, I haven't actually gotten to work in the new store- but that makes coming back to work from vacation not look so bad!

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