Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday Fun: Spring Shopping & Closet Clean-Out

I am trying not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of organizing I want (and need) to do in our new house.  One project (or drawer even!) at a time.  First on the list during my vacation week was to clean out Anniston's closet.

When we moved in, I basically just hung everything up and didn't bother trying to organize it or clean out.  Now that the cold, cold weather is hopefully behind us I needed to clean out A's winter stuff.  She can still wear some of her 18 month size clothes, but 24 month is what I've been buying for spring, so I also needed to go through and clean out what was too small for her now.

The closet during the middle of our purging session:

Yeah, I know- quite embarrassing.  Just keepin' it real for you guys!

Annie put on my purple watch and sat in the bottom of the closet to watch:

Um yeah- I don't have an after pic because this was just "Phase 1"- purging.  "Phase 2" will be the organization.  Just so you know the schedule:)

Annie and I decided that she needed some new spring attire to fill her closet back up, so we headed out shopping.

In all seriousness, she really did need some new, larger size clothes to transition to spring in.  I've been so busy with work and house stuff lately that I've barely shopped for her!  What is wrong with me?!

So we headed out to a little boutique in Germantown, mainly looking for an Easter dress.  We arrived a few minutes before they opened, so we stopped in TJ Maxx to see if we could find any good deals.  Not so much for her, but I did find some patent nude wedges (to wear to my fancy Kroger party tomorrow night), and a cute dress for church.

I picked up Anniston an Easter outfit at the boutique:

I know- it's not a dress!  I've never been big on the smocked dresses (except for the ones my grandmother made for me) and that just seems to be what everyone wears these days.  I opted for something different this year.  I will probably pair this with a white shirt underneath or a white cardigan over it if it's chilly on Easter.

I also could not resist this cute little red and turquoise outfit on the left.  We also hit up Carter's for some everyday, play outside, go to the babysitter's clothes.

In between all of our shopping excursions we did have time for a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

And yes, she is still wearing Mommy's purple watch:)

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