Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Stuff

We had such a fun and relaxing weekend!  Brandon had to work a trade show for part of the day on Saturday so Aunt Allie came over for a few hours of girl time.  I had promised Anniston we would go to Target this weekend to get her a stuffed Elmo.  She has the dancing and singing one, but not a soft, stuffed one that she can carry around with her.  And she loves toting around her stuffed animals under her arm.  Unfortunately, they did not have a soft Elmo:(  But don't worry, Annie found plenty replacements!

In case you are wondering, that's Minnie and Lambie (from Doc McStuffins.)  I held them out to her and told her to pick one.  She opens both arms and grabs them both at the same time.  Ok, then.  Guess we are getting both.  I hated to spoil her but I did promise her Elmo and felt so bad when they didn't have one!

After our Target trip we decided to experiment with a little finger painting.  I had a grand Mother's Day gift in mind to make, but that didn't go exactly as planned.  This was her first time finger painting and she wasn't so into getting her hands messy.  She does not like to get her hands dirty at all.  She has fallen down outside several times before and has gotten dirt on her hands and she does not like it one bit!

She actually cried for a second the first time I tried to stick her hand in the paint.  Then she proceeded to wipe the paint off on her stomach (we stripped her down to her diaper for this.)  Eventually, she warmed up to it but would still only stick the very, very tips of her fingers in the paint.  I think she had more fun with the actual paint bottles!  She would pick each one up wanting us to tell her what color it was.  Then she would move it to the other side of the table.  We did this about 5 times.  Then she scooped up all 6 paint bottles in her arms and ran off with them!  Even though our Mother's Day craft didn't go as planned, we still had fun and learned some of our colors, too!

We had a fun family night out Saturday.  I went and picked up my fabulous new chairs that I scored for a great deal at Home Goods:

Then we headed out for dinner at Germantown Commissary.  As we were leaving, a train was about to pass by.  We stood to watch it pass and I told Annie it was a choo choo train like we read about in her books.   After that, she kept saying "choo choo" over and over.  Cuteness:)

We spent some time playing and being lazy in our pjjs Sunday morning.  Of course, we have to complete our pjs with a cute headband:

This girl loves her hair accessories.  And I love that she loves them!!

My mom and dad brought both of my grandparents to Memphis Sunday afternoon to see Anniston and the new house.  We had cake and ice cream and enjoyed sitting around letting Anniston entertain us all.

We got so much stuff done around the house this weekend so I'm ready to start the week!  And I finally made some decisions about some upcoming big furniture purchases.  I have tape all around my house measuring things off so it would help me decide what would look good where.  It's all coming together- slowly but surely.  And I'm having so much fun decorating our new house.  More pics soon!

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