Friday, May 3, 2013

Play Date

Yesterday two of my friends and their sons came out to have a play date and see the new house.  Annie was dressed and ready for some friends to come play:

Bridger and Anniston are only 4 months apart and they played really well together.  Anniston did take a toy away from him once, but once I got on to her for it she didn't do it again.  They played in her Barbie tent:

Apparently, either Anniston didn't like Bridger sitting in her rocking chair, or she just really wanted to sit in Bridger's lap.  I don't know why she sits on people all the time!!!

Aunt Allie got in on some of the fun:

And they looked so cute sitting at Anniston's little table eating strawberries together!

 When my friend, Amanda, went to read Bridger a book, Annie plopped down in her lap for story time, too.  After a few minutes, Bridger decided he didn't like someone else being in his mama's lap and tried to push Annie away.  She was not fazed.

My friend from work, Tasha, and her son, Maddox, came out too.

He is only 8 months so we mainly tried to keep Annison and Bridger from falling and stepping on him.  He is so cute and I had so much fun holding and playing with him.  That, in turn, earned someone the new title of "Miss Jealousy."  She did not like me holding another baby!

She was worn out by the time they left so she had a great nap later that afternoon.  It was a very fun play date!

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  1. That's so fun that y'all all have kids around the same age! They are all so cute!


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